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Becoming a social media influencer is sizzling right now and it’s a job that many millennials dream of having. You see all these bloggers and vloggers travelling globally inspiring wanderlust (and sometimes envy), earning huge sums of money, sharing their expertise with their followers and maybe even changing the world. Blogging and publishing content on social media can be a hobby for some, and a full-time career for others. It also allows brands to connect with their audience in a more organic way, when compared to the traditional forms of digital advertising. It may seem all merry and bright but a lot more goes into being a social media influencer than just picking the perfect filter. We’ve got for you the best bloggers of Hyderabad sharing their views on how they think social media has influenced the various industries.

Bold And Beautiful

Ishna Rawlani


My style is very experimental! I don’t believe in sticking to one genre, I love trying all new things possible.

With changing times, social media is playing a major role! The question isn’t about how social media is influencing the fashion industry; it’s all about how much the fashion industry has blossomed because of digital marketing and media! I owe everything to Facebook & Instagram, it has helped me connect with people all over the country and I can collaborate with them. Various brands and I connect through the power of visibility that only social media has bestowed upon us! It’s not that blogging is a new concept, there have always been people who blogged, vlogged and documented their life on websites but they started gaining popularity when people starting posting on social media through platforms like Instagram/Facebook or Twitter. It is something we can’t do without and that helps us stay strong in the game!

Tip: Always be consistent and don’t stop, it’s all about the quality and not quantity. Keep doing the good work and opportunities will come your way.


Classy And Fabulous

Satpreet Kaur,


Being a lifestyle blogger, I write about things I am passionate about like good food, luxury travel, experiential reviews and a lot more with a mix of style in everything. All the pictures on my blog are clicked by me, well except the ones I am posing for, of course. I am a lover of aesthetics and I think that is something that comes to me very naturally. Since I work full time, this is more of a growing passion for me and I choose things to do or brands to associate accordingly. I like to give full attention to details and put my best in whatever I am doing, I love multitasking when I am on the move but when I am penning it all down I prefer doing one thing at a time. My style, however, is very classy and feminine. Anything that is vintage is my inspiration; from floral prints, ruffles, maxi dress and of course denim.

I feel social media has a great influence in everything we do. To pick a restaurant we browse Zomato, to pick a holiday we read endless curated destination lists, to pick an outfit we can now see how to style it before buying it and if it suits a particular body type. I think it’s made everything a lot easier all in the comfort of our smartphones.

Tip: when I finalise a destination, I read a lot about it and make my own list of things to do and places to visit. The world is too big to repeat a destination until unless the city has a lot to offer and a single visit isn’t enough to cover it all. But when you read our blogs you save so much of your time, you don’t have to research or make your own lists. All you have to do is read the blog that comes with a virtual insight to a place and just decide if you would like to visit it or not.

Dazzling Diva

Shiwangi Vijaywargiya


I like to play around with all kinds clothing adding my tinge to it making it versatile for a normal girl to walk in. It was only self-interest which grew over time and I decided to give it a try.

A large part of social media is influenced by the fashion industry as it has always been active and has been changing its way of approach to reach the target market. For the fashion industry to present themselves easy and on the fingertips of a huge part of the crowd which is always active on such a platform is a huge plus point. I would also say it’s an impressive marketing strategy adopted in recent times to communicate with a large chunk of audience exposing the products. As said, marketing is fuel for the fashion industry. Fashion brands use social media for advertising and to engage their target market. Other uses include reporting on fashion news, providing customers with company updates and announcements about new fashion lines, events and promotions. Technology has finally made its stand stronger in our country where it was of a thing to have internet back in the days which is what is fuelling the reach of brands, offers, promotions new launches etc through social media now

Tip: To never look back is my go-to mantra. Start wherever you are and keep it going until you reach where you want to be.

The Soulful Writer

Devesh Baheti


My personal style is very laid back. It oscillates between simple, clean structures, in muted colours. Normcore androgynous wear in larger structures is particularly my favourite a of dressing up. It’s fuss-free, minimalistic but also stylish at the same time.

Comfort and confidence inspire me.

I feel that the immense reach and popularity of social media has made fashion more democratic. Earlier it used to be a few elite people, who’d have a say in what the trend is, or how successful it is, but due to the reach of the digital age, everyone has an instant opinion. This kind of instant feedback has opened many doors for the industrywallas to take notes and see what works or doesn’t. Take in case, Sabyasachi, Ayush Kejriwal or Anita Dongre – all these designers rely heavily on the impact their photo stories have on their followers because they’ve hit the sweet note of being able to milk out of this opportunity given to them. Also, a whole new career has been given importance to because of the rise and rise of social media’s influence on fashion – that of Fashion Blogging.

Tip: Don’t try to ape someone else. If your aesthetic is of a Sabyasachi Kanjeevaram Saree, you rock those 9 yards like no one else ever has. Or if it’s a Vera Wang Gown, so be it. Your personal style has got to speak about your personality. It’s the cover of your book. Let it be as authentic as you can have it be.

Young And Restless

Krutika Singh Rathore


For me, style is all about comfort. Hailey Baldwin is my inspiration I absolutely love her style! It’s totally street style and she pulls off every look with great finesse. Also, my mother inspires me every day.

Social media is an amazing platform for communication between the producers and the consumers. It’s the best way for people to know what is new and what the latest styles are and based on the response of the customers, the designers can understand what attracts them and what styles are more customer friendly. People are best connected through social media and it’s a really easy way for the designers to publicize their brands. Brands also collaborate with models, photographers, bloggers through which their work reaches a wider audience. Fashion which not only has clothes but also shoes and accessories which are new and different and fresh every day is really benefited by this. So social media and fashion run parallel and work well together and make the work of the consumers and producers much more easy and quick. It reaches and attracts millions of customers through visual images. The customers are the lead in this process and social media plays a major role in the growth of fashion industry and makes the world a fashionable happy place.

Tip: Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence as that’s what matters the most!

The Dapper Dude



My Instagram reflects my personal style which is minimal and edgy. High street fashion is what inspires me and aesthetics are what I live for. A well put together outfit is what makes me feel confident. It also made me explore and understand style and how important it can be in expressing your personality.

Social media is the present and future. Everything is a click away and so are inspirations and ideas. Instagram is filled with millions of #ootd and #wiwt posts for your daily inspo. Social media and fashion industry influence each other. A lot of international brands use social media to build brand image and reach potential consumers. Collaborations between brands and influencers are what make it interesting.

Tip: Make sure your clothes match a similar colour palette to get the perfect look.

Picture courtesy: Satish Yalamarthi


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