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A celebrity fitness trainer, an advocate for healthy living, and the man behind incredible body transformations, Mr. Venkat Madamala, owner of Torque Fitness, talks to us about his tryst with fitness, and why understanding your body is important.

What was the start to your fitness journey?

I was passionate about fitness right from my childhood. All those people with good bodies really fascinated me. I had a Superman action figure that I kept above my T.V. as an inspiration. My goal was to be Superman. As I got older, I got into sports, I entered the rural Olympics during my degree days, and that was the start. I did a certification course and started my work as a fitness trainer in 2006. I worked for many Tollywood celebrities like actors Sunil, Ram Pothineni, Prince and Ananda Vardhan among many others. As years went by, I became passionate about starting up my own space and the result of that is Torque.

Why do you think everyone should work towards fitness? What are a few things people can do at home itself?

Fitness has to be the first priority in everyone’s lives. But that is not the case anymore. Because of this by the time a person is 30-35, they start developing heart problems, diabetes, and many women have thyroid issues, and so many other problems which could be easily avoided if they had taken a little care of themselves. One has to completely give up on their favourite ice-cream, or cut down on their intake of biryani. Instead, if you pay a little attention to your own body, you can continue to enjoy your favourite food and balance it out with the right workout. If somebody wishes to do something at home, the most recommended would be cycling, running on a treadmill, skipping, floor exercises and simple yoga poses, these are good for general fitness, however if they wish to do something like cardio or weight training, it is always better to have a trainer

How does having a trainer make a difference?

The major purpose of having a trainer is to avoid any sort of injuries, be it internal or external. An injury caused by unsupervised training could cost you up to 4-5 lakh rupees, which could be completely avoided if the same amount was invested in a trainer. Furthermore, a trainer, and a consult with a dietician could help you figure out what works best for your body, and make your workout more enjoyable.

What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to fitness?

Let me give you an example, South Indian men mostly have issues with excess fat absorption near their abdomens. Obviously, they would go for something that would tone down their abdomen area. But without trying to understand their body they tend to set unrealistic goals. There are three broad types of bodies, endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph, someone who is an ectomorph and has a lean and long build cannot expect to bulk up completely, because not matter what their bodies would not be able to take the type of workout required for it. Side effects to this include fluctuations in Glycogen levels, increase in Testosterone for men, increase in body temperature, and obviously, injuries. So, consulting someone and doing a systematic workout is always a better and safer way.

Tell us a little bit about the various programs you offer.

We also have a studio for Yoga, Zumba, Kick Boxing and other martial arts. We have a unique mirror concept, so when you lie down for doing something like a chest press, you would generally look forward to get a look at a mirror to check their posture, which actually changes your posture, so with the mirror concept, you can look at the completely mirrored roof and maintain the correct posture. We also have a detox drink on the floor, along with healthy food up for offer. Another main part of the gym is the Spa. We have a massage room, a steam room, complete with individual shower cabins and lockers. I think this is a very important part of a workout journey as massages are really helpful in preventing injuries, and increasing flexibility.

What are the most popular programs among your customers?

Many of our clients enjoy boxing, Zumba, Weight Training, and of course the Spa.

What is the food that you have up for offer and what does a general diet plan at Torque look like?

Its all healthy food. We have breakfast items like Boiled eggs, smoothies, healthy sandwiches, options like black coffee for pre-workout and whey proteins post workout. Other options include fish, chicken and veg salads, quinoa, millets and many other healthy foods. Our diet plans ensure that a clients’ diet consists of 30% proteins, 40% carbs and 20% fibre.

What are a few things that set Torque apart?

We have done a lot of things to avoid mistakes in the Gym. We have extremely carefully selected equipment, materials and even the design of the gym and the food up for offer. We have equipment from Hammer Strength, which is ranked first in the world. We have bikes, rowing machines which increase your metabolic rate, and a recommended bike to have support for your lumbar spine. Some equipment has inbuilt Wi-Fi to connect to entertainment channels, to encourage people to walk for more kilometres. The treadmills also have cushioning levels for those who are over-weight or have knee problems, can walk more comfortably. We also have Synergy 360 which is a high intensity workout station for 20 different types of workouts to strengthen muscles and help in fat loss in various parts of your body.

Adress: Rd no.12 Banjara Hills, 3rd floor Divine Banjara

Contact: 9676 966789


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