Rejuvenation time with best spas in town

Kaya Kalp at ITC Kakatya

After a stressful day, I knew there was something I needed to relax myself, and it was the Kaya Kalp massage at ITC Kakatiya. This is their signature massage that helps relax the entire body. It helped relieve my muscular tension combined with the soothing strokes. It was the best I have experienced in a while. This is an aroma-therapeutic massage with a blend of essential oils according to your needs, letting you choose from the Stress Soother, with a blend of Mysore sandalwood. Healing, helping you detoxify with a blend of lime and ginger. Muscle ease, easing away tired and aching muscles with warm eucalyptus and black pepper. Iba, my therapist began with soaking my feet in sea salt which helped me feel relaxed. She then did a tranquility blend helping me calm my breathing. One of the best parts of the massage was the foot hammer pounding, where she used a wooden hammer to awaken to stressed muscles helping me feel relaxed and really fresh.

Choosing the Mysore sandalwood helped me relieve the stress and feel eased. It is all you need to get back right into who you are with this massage. ITC Kakatiya also offers a beauty essential Japapatti treatment for dry, thin and dull hair. They use the healing properties of Rich Coconut Milk, Pure Coconut Oil, Hibiscus and Japapatti leaves which made my hair feel so strong, silky and very much hydrated. It was an experience like never before. The radiant shine could not only be seen but also felt.

Address: ITC Kakatiya

Hyderabad 6-3-1187,Begumpet

Contact: +9140 2340 0132

Price: Between RS. 5000- 8000

Tattva at Marriott

At Tattva, I chose their signature Tattva therapy. This was a different and a very comforting experience that not only included the massage but also yoga stretches. Being a dry and oil based massage, it helps release muscle tensions and really does energise the body.

I felt much more strengthened then I was before because they used acupressure movements and stretching. I could feel the pressure applied as it was very deep and worked very effectively on my muscles helping me feel relaxed and balancing the energy levels in the body. It was a unique experience that helped me not only relax but also energised me. Definitely would visit again.

Price: Between Rs 4000-5000

Address: Tank Bund Road, Opposite Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, 500080 India

The Spa at Park Hyatt

I chose the deep tissue massage as it eases all pains, relieves back and neck pain and improves mobility. Before beginning this really relaxing massage, I was given a tamarind and jaggery juice for detoxification, helping remove the toxins.

Then, it was time for the Oil Aromatherapy, I loved the fact that the product used includes the shower oil, face oil and massage gel from a renowned UK brand, De-Stress. It was focusing and soothing for the aching muscles. It also does miracles for sensitive skin. Post massage, I was given lemon grass, sweet lime with honey tea that rejuvenates and cleanses the inner self.

Price: Between Rs 4000- 6500

Address: Road No. 2, Banjara Hills Hyderabad. Contact: +91-40-4949-1234


Serena at Radisson Blu

The Marma massage is a total healer, inspired by highly therapeutic Ayurveda, it focuses on the 109 mamas or nerve endings, energising them. As it began I could already feel the energy flow and strengthen my muscles. A pre massage drink was served that was a combination of Indian berry that helps in detoxification. And then my therapist began with balancing the head mamas, followed by massaging the body.

I had an option to select from a variety of oils, vishram for relaxation, pranati for getting energised, Thyna for meditation and pravitra for cleansing and detoxification. The experience with the method used by the therapist, the long sweeping strokes made me feel very relaxed also in my mind. She ended the massage with a cleansing body scrub to remove excess herbal oil. Post the massage, I was given concussion herbal tea that helped in hydration. After this, my therapist suggested a facial to bring glow to my skin. The express facial was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in a while. It not only brightened up my face but also refreshed my skin. The exfoliation helped my skin get smoother, softer and felt lighter. The face pack helped moisturise my skin and also acted as an antioxidant. This facial resulted in a youthful radiance all over my face.

Price: Between Rs 5000-7000

Address: 8-2-409, Rd Number 6, Green Valley, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Contact: 040 6733 1133


Aura Spa World

The deep tissue massage at the Aura Spa is an advanced form of Aromatherapy, focusing on using direct deep pressure on the muscles and connective tissues. It is designed to unwind the body and lift the spirits. The procedure includes a pre massage welcome drink. Then, at the beginning of the massage, she used techniques like stripping and friction that require lighter pressure to warm up the body.

Later during the massage the therapist uses her fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows and forearms adding pressure to all the tensed and stressed points of the body.  She also focused on my breathing while working on the very tensed areas which was not only soothing and relaxing for the muscles but also for the mind. Green tea was served post massage to flush the metabolic ways from the tissues.

Price: Between Rs 3000- 5000

Address: Door No. 3-5-860, Opp. Telugu Academy, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad – 500029,

Contact: +91 9152173304


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