Soul Spa: Relax and Rejuvenate

Entrance of Souls Spa

Soul Spa and Salon 

Sometimes you just need a good pampering session to let go of all the stress from the week and just sit back, relax, and forget about everything else. Soul Spa is one of the city’s most renowned salon chains, known for their amazing facials, hair services, spa services and their newly introduced services as well. Tulip Team recently had the chance to visit Soul Spa and experience their spa treatment and ‘Bomb manicure’ with nail extension, and nail art. Sharing our experience with you.

The Soul Spa and Salon is huge, the salon has separate sections for each type of service, and an expanse that focuses on manicure and pedicure services. The ambience was set up in a way that gave a blissful feeling, with relaxing music, luxe interiors and soft lighting.

We started with spa –

Massage Room

We must say that the ambience is great. Clean and well-maintained facility…which is a prime factor for a therapeutic centre. Excellent customer service-oriented staff, resourceful and well-trained masseuses providing an excellent, skill full relaxing experience. The massage was soothing and was one of the best massages we’d ever had. The hand movements were perfectly synchronised, and the masseuses knew just the right amount of pressure to be applied.

Then we got to experience ‘Bomb manicure’ –


‘Bomb cosmetics’ is a natural, handmade cosmetics brand from the UK which has the most colourful and aromatic products, from bath bombs to body butters, to handmade soaps shaped like cupcakes and sundaes. We started with the manicure. First, our hands were soaked in warm water, to which the manicurist added a cupcake-shaped bath bomb that smelled just like candy. It fizzed around in the water and felt super relaxing. She then filed our nails in a round shape and proceeded to use the body polish as a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. The whole process made the hands feel soft, nourished and well groomed.

When it comes to Nail Art and Nail Extension they have a lot of different varieties to choose from, and we went for pink nails. We requested an acrylic set but were informed that the salon does a service called Nail Extensions rather than Acrylics, because they’re healthier for the nail. Acrylics are applied with powder and UV and are refilled as they grow out, while nail extensions are soaked off and reapplied as a new set to allow your natural nails to grow underneath.

When we went into the salon, the nail tech did all the basic mani procedures (cut, trim, buff and oil) before looking closely at our natural nails to see what shape nail extension she should apply. There are several different options which are chosen based on the natural curvature of your nails. (As a side note, the nail techs at Soul keep your nail size on file, so that if you come in again, the process could be speeded up). The nails came in a long, oval shape and were clear. He applied them with an industrial-strength glue and then asked us for our preference in terms of length and shape. Obviously, we wanted to keep them as long as possible, and opted for the super-pointy “stiletto”.



After that, our nail tech applied a glitter gradient using two different loose glitters. After the process was done, we were obsessed with the way the nails turned out.

Our nail tech was very attentive to us, and we especially liked how he didn’t hurry through the process, took his own time in making sure we enjoyed the experience. If you’re ever in the mood for some pampering, give Soul Spa and Salon a try. Trust us you won’t regret this decision.


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