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We do Believe that travel is for every one, a little different idea from one person to another but with one initial goal in mind- to experience new things, we all travel the world because we want to see new places, taste new flavors, learn new cultures, be away from the norms, and many other reasons. But we all have that one desire indeed and we’re hungry for it, Adventure.

We got in touch with most avid travelers to bring you their unique travel stories from across he world. Grab a bag of chips and read on.

Ingenious Travel with Miheeka Bajaj

Tell us something about yourself?

Well to understand me properly you have to first understand my love for food. It’s my most defining character trait. The second is my love for sleep. I can sleep standing. In the middle of eating and sleeping I find time to work, so I have to be very hardworking and extremely efficient in those hours (laughs). On a more serious note though, I feel like I’m an old soul and I’ve always been fascinated by places and things that take you back in time. When I look at the sites like the Egyptian pyramids or even our forts and palaces in Rajasthan, the sheer magnificence and brilliance leaves me awestruck. This is what led me to do interior design. I did my masters in interior design from the Chelsea Art University in London. It was actually an apt field to study because it teaches you the science of spaces and how to integrate creativity into an empty space efficiently. Both my parents are extremely creative people. My mother was amongst the top event managers in the country and then moved on to create her own jewellery brand. My father always made extremely creative buildings. So I was surrounded by creativity and it has always caught my fancy. That’s why I decided to study interior design and then automatically went on to indulge in a creative profession as well.

How did Dew Drop Design studio happen?

The world of design has always fascinated me. I’ve always been drawn to anything creative and I believe creativity is a fluid personality trait. I don’t see why it has to be applied to only one particular profession. That’s why I created Dew Drop Design studio. It’s a one stop solution for all design related projects. Right now our focus is on events but we take up a varied array of projects. We’ve done a few interior design related projects, we’ve done a bunch of events of all different kinds. We’ve conceptualised and executed packing and gifting design solutions. Going forward we’d like to explore into even more fields.

You seem to always be on your feet juggling between Hyderabad and Mumbai. How do you manage spending time with your family?

Well I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, in my house the apple doesn’t fall from the tree at all. We are all joined at the hip. So we all juggle between Mumbai and Hyderabad together. We get plenty of family time together.

What’s your favourite travel memory?

I actually have two favourite travel memories. One was to Sicily, in the south of Italy. When I was studying in London, a few friends from college decided to take off to the islands. There was this one place we visited which was a white marble mountain set against the deep blue Mediterranean Sea with the sun sparkling down. It is by far the most breathtaking site I have ever seen in my life.

The second was this small village in the south of France called Eze village. It’s situated within a castle. It has a real old world charm with the view of the French Rivera and some of the most amazing food and wine!

What does it take to excel in the field you do?

Originality and innovation. I think in this field it’s easy to get sucked into the idea of sticking to what’s safe and that can be profitable in the short term, but I think if your ideas aren’t original, out of the box and completely different from your previous idea, you won’t be able to survive too long.

Tell us something about your work related trips.

My work related trips are great fun. I normally travel to either do an event or source for new and unique props, products and technology that can be integrated in my design projects. So I get to always meet new people and get exposed to so many new ideas and innovations in the world. It’s fascinating.

Instagram: @miheeka
Where would u most like to live in the world?
Vineyard in the Italian country side
 Favorite holiday destination?
South of Italy
 Hyd or Bombay?
 Most overrated travel destination?
 Favorite street food in another country?
These Putin fires you get in Quebec.. they’re to die for!
Road trips or Flights?
Road trips

Shop till you drop with Shruti Sarin

Instagram: @shrutisarin
Favourite holiday destination?
London! I’ve got lots of memories attached to the city!
Whats next on the travel bucket list?
Definitely Australia & New Zealand
Favorite mode of travel?
Flight always!
What are the best places for:
Adventure vacations Bali for  Deep Sea Diving, racing on Quad Bikes, River Rafting, Snorkeling etc.
Relaxing vacationsMaldives. You could pamper yourself with lots of massages and laze around by the beach.
Party vacations– Dubai, Amsterdam, Berlin & Ibiza.
What is the strangest food you have eaten on a vacation?
Seaweed was something I wasn’t sure I’d try but I did.

Snap and Click with Murtuza Chass

Instagram: @thelumeweaver
favourite holiday destination?
What can’t you travel without?
My camera
Tell something about your trip to Kashmir?
Kashmir is so so much more than it’s landscapes. Their culture, the cuisine, their lifestyle and the abundant wildlife makes Kashmir one of my favourite destinations to travel to.
Dream Destination?
Best travel destinations for a solo trip?
South-East Asia. Budget Friendly and tonnes of activities.
Travel hacks that everyone should pick up?
Learn the basics of the local language, always goes a long way.

In the Himalayas with Sofia Sujad

Instagram: @chicphilosofi
favorite holiday destination?
Cinque de Terre and Bali. Anything with a view of the water, to be honest.
Sky-diving or Bunjee Jumping? What are you favourites?
I would find Sky-diving more thrilling, hands down! snorkelling, paragliding and mountain biking are a few other favourites.
Tell us something about your trip to the mountains.
Climbing up the Himalayas and then free falling from there. Exhilarating.
What destination have you found to be overrated?
I do not find any travel locale overrated. However, Bali is one of the most beautiful islands on Earth, its beaches aren’t as special as the vibe of its more terrestrial Ubud. Gili, Nusa and Lombok, which are nearby, have much more scenic waters.
Blue lagoons or beaches?
Water! Haha, honestly, can’t choose.

What are you waiting for now start planning your next travel destination 😉


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