Offbeat Places Every Hyderabadi Must Visit

There wouldn’t be a person who calls themselves Hyderabadi and doesn’t know the timeless beacon of the city, Charminar. The same can be said about the legendary Golkonda Fort, Salarjung Museum, Ramoji Film City, and who doesn’t make a visit to the classic Hussain Sagar lake every time they’re in the city?

We all know of so many incredible places of interest that the city has up for offer. But how many of us know that the same city is home to some quirky and unique experiences no other city can offer? Here are some of those underrated places that you can add to your list of must-visits, and brag to your guests about your in-depth knowledge of the city.

Sudha Car Museum

Sudha Car Museum

Home to the world’s craziest cars, Sudha Car Museum, by K. Sudhakar Yadav is truly a quirky experience. Some of the highlights include cars shaped like a handbag, a stiletto, both created on the occasion of Women’s Day; pen, pencil, and sharpener shaped cars for Bal Diwas and many other vehicles shaped to resemble everyday objects. And in case you’re wondering, yes, they can be driven around. The cars are often brought out of the museum for what are probably the most unique road shows in the world.

Address: 19-5-15, 1/D, Bahadurpura X Rd, APHB Conlony, Bahadurpura West, Hyderabad, Telangana 500064

Contact: 093919 05413

Hathiyan ka Jhad

Hathyan ka jhad

Once known to have been the hideout of 40 thieves, Hyderabad is home to the oldest Baobab tree in the country. With a circumference of 25 meters, the tree looks more like elephants huddled together, prompting the locals to name in Hathiyan ka Jhad or the Elephants’ Tree. The trunk has a hollow carved out, hidden well by the massive trunks, leading to two massive room-like structures said to have housed the infamous 40 thieves.  Although it is said to be in the Golkonda fort, an easier way to get to the tree is from the Hyderabad Golf Club. So, the next time you’re at Golkonda, make sure you don’t miss out on this straight-out-of-Arabian-tales experience.

Address: Naya Qila, Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008. Contact: 094218 38283

Society to Save Rocks

Society to Save Rocks

Established in 1996, this non-profit society for rock enthusiasts is a great learning experience. Intending to preserve the natural rock formations in the city, the Society aims to work towards educating landowners, developers and the government that the beautiful granite boulders could be preserved in houses, gardens, colonies and park areas instead of being removed or destroyed. For adventure lovers or those with similar beliefs, the society conducts programs like Rock Walks, Hyderabad Rockathon in association with the Greater Hyderabad Adventure Club, and various photo exhibitions. Those looking for a unique educational and adventurous weekend could take part in these thought-provoking programs.

Address: 1236, Road No 60, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Ph: 040 2355 2923

Maqtha Art District

Maqtha Art District

Probably the most underrated, but the most aesthetic part of the city, the Maqtha Art District in the neighbourhood of MS Maqtha is the work of the largest street art foundation in India, St+Art India, with artists from around the world. The visually splendid area is divided into four districts: Green Gully, Yellow Gully, Pink Gully, and Blue Chowk with a series of painted arrows to direct visitors to each of the areas of the district. To find the murals, cross the train tracks and follow the main road to the end. The beginning of the first section is at the end of this road to your left. From there, follow the art and the arrows to explore the lanes of the art district.

Address: Unnamed Road, Phase 1, MS Maqta, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500041

Raymond’s Tomb

Raymond’s Tomb

The splendid architecture of the tomb of Michel Joachim Marie Raymond, a French general in the army of 2nd Nizam – Nizam Ali Khan, Asaf Jah II, is made of black granite on which an attractive pavilion on a Palladian model with large attractive pillars is built. The entire complex stands on a massive rectangular masonry raised platform. There is also a tall obelisk, on the face of which is a studded black marble tablet inscribed with his name Joachim Raymond, in initials as “J.R” in calligraphic style. The 200-year-old tomb makes for an excellent quiet getaway location amidst the concrete jungle surrounding it.

Address: Asmangadh Road, LIC Colony, New Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500059


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