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Romance Thailand- Tulip MagazineA delightful trip to Thailand could turn around your mood.

Being invited to visit Thailand was a dream we were blessed with. The TTM (Thailand Travel Mart) – Million Shades of Romance had us over to experience Thailand like never before. We indulged in a pure luxurious and romantic getaway; and got to experience the country’s rich culture and history, beautiful nature and pristine beaches, not to forget the best of Thai gastronomy focusing on unique culinary traditions from Thailand’s eastern seaboard region. A full range of tourism-related amenities and accommodation was arranged for all tourists. All these are factors that come together to make Thailand an outstanding destination. It is the place to make luxurious, romantic dreams come true. The Tourism Authority of Thailand expected 300 international buyers from over 60 countries, who were to be joined by 300 Thai sellers. Preference was given to buyers specializing in luxury, honeymoon, weddings and romantic holidays.

It was hosted in Pattaya, at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club. We’ll try to sum up our experience at this enthralling place as we take you along.

Our Thailand Journey

We started off with a welcome party at the beach. Everybody looked ravishing at the all-white themed party. The music and company were simply the best. It was a true ‘Summer Beach party’.

After landing, we indulged in wholesome Thai lunch. Later, we headed for a wine tasting session at Silverlake Vineyard, an enormous vineyard situated in the countryside, south-east of Pattaya. It was a surreal experience. During a tour of the vineyard,  we experienced the whole process of wine making and storage. Rosé Grande or Chardonnay- it was there to tingle your tongue and mind. Afterwards, we headed to a beach party at the Pinnacle Grand Gomtien Hotel, followed by an extravagant dinner. The fun part about the trip: We all were dressed in resort wear on all days. What more could one ask for?

Rise and Shine, it’s day 2! With breakfast done and dusted, we went to the Floating Market. With beautiful wooden houses amidst water and lots of delightful things to eat, it was a beautiful market. The market is divided into four sections, where you can find eateries, fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and art galleries. Later on, dipping into the sea milieu with Blue Voyage, we went fishing and snorkeling.

Another interesting part of the voyage was Rayong, a popular getaway for travelers, where the atmosphere is peaceful and serene. It is one of the best places to take home some tropical fruits. Before an overnight stay, we went to Pak Nam Prasae, an area that is abundantly rich in natural resources. It is situated in the swampy areas of Pa Sae River, along with the thick mangrove forests. We visited the Baan ThaRanae where we took a magnificent boat ride, out to the forest. We indulged in activities that we hadn’t before – planting shellfish, ten pin bowling and kayaking. All the fun and amusement kept increasing with the whole bunch of enthusiasts, who made the trip even merrier.

We took a ferry ride to start the journey at Ko Chang, a beautiful island with white sandy beaches. It is known to be home to a variety of wildlife. We took another dip in the blue waters to experience a parallel world, underwater: snorkeling. We also tried our hands at Thai traditional cooking. Lots of signature dishes were made!

Another day called for a visit to HuaiRaeng. It is one the richest canals of the world located in Trat State. We were here for a remarkable culinary ride and had tête-à-tête with the locals, sharing more of life, culture and wisdom. We were offered a welcome drink, a concoction of butterfly pee and kumquats, which was very refreshing and colorful! The butterfly pee is known to have anti-oxidants and reduces anxiety and stress levels. We had our rice meal served and wrapped in betel leaves, which tastes as exotic as it sounds. They are known to have originated from South East Asia and have been cultivated for at least a thousand years. A surprise element was the Khanom Chan, a dessert made of 9 layers, which represent prosperity. It contains coconut milk and is sweet and smooth in texture.

Coming to an end of this memorable tour, what makes the place perfect is the hospitality, the warmth, the extensive culture, all of exotic places and the wonderful Thai food. Eight days of this crazy ride gave us a whole new perspective. The yacht rides, snorkeling, great adventures give you an amazing opportunity to explore with your better half exactly what makes Thailand oh so romantic.

Thailand, in general, has the best of food; we binged on the mango rice, indulged in learning so much about its popularity and Thai cuisine in general. While we were in Bangkok, our stay at Grand Hyatt was a pleasant one. Spasso, an iconic Restaurant and Bar, has some authentic Italian cuisine with enticing wood fire pizzas. It also offers an extravagant buffet spread regional specialties and delicious desserts to end your meal with.

Thailand is one of the most exotic, romantic destinations and Pattaya has just as much to offer. It’s a priceless feeling to travel to Pattaya with your loved one. From Jomtien beach to the underwater experiences, Pattaya is a hub for couples to have their weddings and honeymoons. Due top its scenic beauty, many couples love to have picturesque pre-wedding photo shoots. For an astounding view with some remarkable seafood, the Glass House Restaurant in Pattaya in your place to visit. It is by the beach and will blow your mind! The Thailand Travel Mart left no stone unturned to make Thailand be “a dream come true” for couples looking for a romantic getaway.



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