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Shankky Khanujaa Design Studio 

Shankky Khanujaa first discovered his passion for design back in 2007. He completed his B.Com. and later joined Lakhotia Institute of Design to pursue a PG Diploma Course in Interior Design. His interest towards the subject bagged him a place as one of the top students in his batch. He also took up an internship, where he completed a residential design project; something he claims carved his path and forayed his entry into the world of interior design.  Shankky Khanujaa has won many awards among which he holds his pride most is the one where he has been awarded by Col. Ajay & Team, Hyderabad for designing Genesis Clinics in 2017.

Today Shankky runs the famed design firm, “SK Design Studio, from Concept to Reality”, which was established in 2012. “It is important to stay grounded and so he is focused on his strong points: Design and Planning. Being an interior designer isn’t just having someone to coordinate and speak to the carpenters or workers, it’s having someone who understands your requirements and works on it to give you an anticipated outcome; keeping in mind aesthetics, your taste and the functionality of the space”, he says. SK Design Studio specializes in designing home, office, showroom and restaurant spaces. Shankky explains, “Trends are shifting from traditional spaces to more of an open setup.” SK Design Studio likes to challenge itself with these kinds of refreshing experiences, in order to keep up with the times.

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When asked about his personal taste, he says, “I am not inclined to any one particular style or concept, but if I had to pick one, it would be the contemporary form: Contemporary, however, refers to decor that is much more current. Even designs that were contemporary in the past may no longer be considered contemporary but rather vintage. In five or ten years from now, it will likely have a different look and feel than what it is today. Contemporary design is ever-changing, due in part to the availability of (new) materials and pieces; I always lean towards a clean white style”. He believes that anything looks good in white: marble, upholstery, furniture or sofas.

Shankky usually likes to keep it simple by using straight line concepts and sober colour tones and not too flashy wallpapers or any kind of art on the index walls. He likes to experiment with a lot many things like exterior cladding material being used in the interior to make it look more natural. He also uses a lot of metal in the form of artefacts in his designing process to give the space a refined and a rustic feel. “Lighting plays a very important role in both parameters, one it’s a very good medium to throw a good amount of focus on the piece of work they create for their clients, so that it outstands in an extraordinary way and second, good amount of lighting is essential for creating different moods while one occupies the designed Shankky 4space by them”, he says.

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Fashion plays a big part, the cuts and colours of fabric serve as a motivation in a lot of what his firm does. While travel also plays a huge part in inspiring him, everyday mundane objects like a pen or a vase can be stimulation too. When asked what his take is on the success of each project, he says, “Every individual project is very special to me, and it’s like a cherry on the cake when the client is totally satisfied.” He feels client’s satisfaction is the best reward one can ask for.

What tips would you give to those who are planning to redecorate or for those designing a new home/space?

First, decide a budget and concept for the house/space. Search the internet and keep some pictures aside. Second, always keep in mind that the space you live in shouldn’t be cluttered. Don’t overdo it. Third, the house is yours, so make sure it suits your taste and requirements. Don’t think about what people will say or whether they’ll judge. A few other points to bear in mind are: keep it low maintenance, do a thorough pest control before starting any work, and try to aim for an eco-friendly space. Your interior designer can assist you with that.

While the design aspect is enjoyable for any designer, there are plenty of hurdles that come with the job. With interior design, they come in the form of delays and problems like disagreements with clients. How do you deal with that?

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I believe when disagreeing with someone it’s important to back oneself up with a lot of facts, present it in a polite manner, and also visually be able to show the client what they’re getting into. Here, a designer’s expertise really comes into play. Where delays are concerned, I advise on being proactive. SK DESIGN STUDIO’s approach is to monitor their bi-weekly plans and ensure that foreseeable are well communicated to the client in advance.

“Chase Your Dreams But Always Know The Road That Will Lead You Home Again” – SK Design Studio… From Concept To Reality!

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