Why Fat Pigeon is our favorite party destination

We love Fat Pigeon – Bar Hop, from its vibe, to food, to the crowd, to the drinks and what not? While on Saturday night, the place was buzzing with all sorts of party and food lovers. Some good on point vintage music both English and Hindi: Timothy really good with his choice of songs.

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Coming to the ambiance, its so vibrant, young and fresh! They have a plethora for everyone, rooftop, indoors, loud music, dinner environment and more! We love to sit on the swings and have a good time with a easy breezy dinner and some live music. Coming to the food, we ordered for the Lebanese Mezze platter, a combination of Falafel, pita bread, Hummus, Lavash, Fatoush Salad, Babaganoush and Pickled Vegetables! Oh so yum and filling.


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Mezze Platter


From Soups, salads, appetizers, Burgers, Pizzas, Tacos, Platters, North Indian Food, Thalis, Pastas and Desserts! Phew, there is nothing that is missed by Fat Pigeon to help you have a great weekend. Order the Hara Bhara Kabab with the chutney. Soft, tender and spicy, it was a delight to the taste buds.


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We also had the tangy Fat Chic Hats: crispy flavoured cups, cooked slowly with minced chicken and sweet chilli sauce. A very refreshing appetizer for chicken lovers.

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Of course, they have some crazy drinks on the menu : Our picks are Russian Propaganda, Molten Lava and Daiquiris! You can also request for your creation and Voila! They will make it for you!

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Just don’t forget the lip-smacking desserts, specially the Fried Ice cream and the Classic Brownie with ice cream. They both are sooooo good! The fried ice cream is topped with coconut Crumbs with a delish inside. Not only the food, the most friendly staff will be at your service throughout. They are very courteous and pleasant. They gave us the most prompt service through our party journey.



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