Enter The World of Luxury With Hi Life Exhibition

Hi Life Exhibition has for a long time been the most trusted and loved exhibitions across the country.

Their unique high-end product showcases include the latest international trends in fashion, personal style, home décor and gifting solutions, making them a popular choice for luxury items.

Aby Dominic, the brain behind the niche, premium and market-leading fashion and lifestyle exhibition company Hi Life, talks to us about the idea and vision behind Hi Life, and what attracts the crème de la crème of Hyderabad to their exhibitions.

How did Hi Life start?

Hi Life has been doing shows for the past six years. Though I have been in the industry for the past three decades doing the same thing, Hi Life is my baby.

Now, it has reached 16 cities, with over 45 shows pan-India and has a presence in countries like Sri Lanka and Dubai. We are the first ISO certified and Crisil rated exhibition company in India.

For the spectrum of fashion, we are the biggest in the country in terms of size and volume.

Can you tell us a little about Hi Life exhibitions in Hyderabad?

Well, I have been coming to Hyderabad for quite some time now. We hold our Hyderabad exhibition at Novotel, which is the largest convention centre in India. We have been able to showcase some excellent designer works from across the country at Hyderabad.

What is the range and purpose of the showcase?

There is some excellent designer wear, jewellery, fashion accessories, we also have exclusive hand-picked artefacts, home décor and so much more.

So, it’s a complete Indian ethnic fashion festival for every city we go, where one can find collections for any occasion, be it a wedding, an office party or a cocktail party, it will cover all of them.

The collections are such that they wouldn’t be commonly available within the city or any other place. The first thing we consider is exclusivity.

Any consumer would like to buy something unique. So, the people attending a Hi Life exhibition can avail the right attire that wouldn’t be commonly available in the country, for any occasion.


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