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Cutting Edge Interior Design Studio was founded by a group of young and dynamic professionals, with a passion of creating spaces for interior which are fully functional as well as aesthetically and visually appealing. The designers Phanidhar Paturi and Jhansi Paturi create a space that exudes warmth and resonates with clients’ individual lifestyle and sensibilities. Located in the suburbs of Hyderabad, the 4,500sft Villa is a flamboyant display of iconic furniture and art installations.

This residence of Mr. Sesshaa Prasad and Mrs.Madhavi Latha embodies the traditional style into a contemporary form which is evident in the traditional Kalamkari hand printed fabrics in the Partition or the Veena which holds a special place in the villa as well as in the hearts of “Bapu Navarasas” behind the bed in master bedroom. Their interests, hobbies and approach towards life advertently articulate the theme of the space. The younger son of the couple, Sri Harsha’s room reflects his tastes, passion and the movies he grew up on, while the elder son Srikaraa’s room has a calm and stoic character.

Incidentally, the couple has been awarded, “The Most Promising Interior Designers’ by a major firm and the home stands as a testimonial for this. They have injected colors through accents and accessories which lend a vibrant touch to the warmth of wood. Everything here is in order, and everything strikes the perfect balance.

The creators of these beautiful interiors say that their design mantra has always been about being in harmony with space and believed that “design is not how it looks but how it works” and hence, “form follows function”. What differentiates them from the others is their non-negotiating attitude towards their quality and finishes of their projects. “Every artist has his own inspirations and we also draw inspiration from movies and literature we grew up on, and we also travel a lot which gives us the much-needed exposure,” says Phanidha. Over a decade the have completed a large number of prestigious projects in communities like Jayabheri Orange County, Lodha Bellezza, My Home Abra, Indu Fortune, and Mayfair Villasetc. They conclude, “Every space is a story waiting to be told…and we help you to write it better”.

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