Sweet Tooth Cravings

Buy a variety of chocolate cakes, cupcakes, brownies etc., etc. and just gobble them up. Worry not, calories are not counted for something (read : chocolate)  that’s been with us for 150 years now.

But the question is, when you go all out and serve yourself up a big old slice of chocolate cake for dessert, where will that piece of chocolate goodness come from? Yet again, here’s Tulip at your rescue! We have put together the best patisseries in Hyderabad from where you can order the most delicious and luxurious chocolate cakes. What are you waiting for? Read on and go place an order for your cake now!


A flourishing patisserie today, Conçu evolved as a concept over a period of time with its roots firmly planted in England. Conceptualised by husband and wife team Sahil Taneja and Swati Upadhyay, Conçu specializes in authentic European pastry.

‘Conçu’ – which translates to “crafted” or “designed aptly”, describes their desserts that are conceived with much creativity and precision. Since Conçu opened its doors in 2012, it has quickly become a neighbourhood staple and well-known destination for some of the finest pastries and breads the city has, to offer. If you are looking for a fantastic dessert display, you can’t go wrong with Conçu’s sweet treats and pastries.

Address: Plot 738, Road no 37, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Also available on: Zomato & Swiggy.

Contact: 040 23606709

Conçu takes a refreshingly modern, artisan approach to sweet indulgences. Offering a wide variety of signature cakes, decadent pastries, baked treats, and truly exceptional tiered cakes, our team at Conçu aims to exceed expectations. Using fresh ingredients of outstanding quality, our culinary creations will delight you. Every product is crafted with elegance and perfection to produce a luxurious dessert that combines subtle flavours and myriad textures.

Need a beautifully designed, tiered cake? We at Concu will direct our efforts into creating a visually stunning and delicious cake that will serve as an impressive centrepiece for your special day, says Neha Mistry, the Pastry Chef at Concu.


Van Lavino

Who Doesn’t love desserts? Van Lavino brings you Live Dessert Tables and Personalized Dessert Buffets that sweeten any party/event. Mix it up with your favorite treats and a theme of your choice for a uniquely creative gourmet dessert experience. Liven up the event with Live counters for Crepes, Waffles, Pancake, Churros and more!

What’s more – you can select from a range of exquisite gourmet options that’ll leave you spellbound. Alongside their core team, they also have a set of amazing chefs from all across India with varied culinary knowledge, which Van Lavino  has amalgamated together, to bring out some amazing food dishes to delight their patrons.

Address: Shop No. 4, SL Jubilee, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills

Also available on: www.vanlavino.com, Facebook and Instagram as Van Lavino

Contact: 040 23559770

Vanlavino is our passion. It was started in 2016 with a dream to make gourmet and artisan desserts. Our aim to bring flavours from all over the world to desserts here. We have served single origin cocoa cake slices to Hawaiian malasadas and surely will continue to showcase new flavours.

We also make custom celebration cakes with lipsmacking flavours, artisian fondant creations and a variety of garnish. A treat not just for the palette but all your senses! say Laveena and Ashwini, the owners of Van Lavino.


Hyderabad Cupcakes

Hyderabad Cupcakes is the first exclusive Cupcake Boutique in Hyderabad and the pioneer of custom hand-sculpted handcrafted fondant decoration. Apart from cakes and cupcakes, Rubina Jivraj and Shaista Jivraj, the mother-daughter team of Hyderabad Cupcakes also creates unique Cupcake Bouquets, Cake Pops, Cake Truffles, Cupcakes in a Jar, Pie Pops, Cheesecake Tumblers and awe-inspiring Dessert Tables.

For Party Favours and Return Gifts that are always a hit with guests, Hyderabad Cupcakes makes customized Chocolate covered Oreos that are personalized to any theme and decor that the customer chooses! They can be individually wrapped or be a part of exclusive Gift Baskets too!

Place your order on: www.hyderabadcupcakes.com

Also available on: Facebook & Instagram as hyderabadcupcakes. Contact: 9052265786.


Our cakes, cupcakes and desserts are made from scratch using artisan tried and tested recipes that our clients rave about! Our most popular flavours include Chocolate Truffle, Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet and Mocha Chocolate Espresso. Fluffy cakes and cupcakes that are enrobed with delicately handcrafted rich chocolate ganache and whipped chocolate cream are also our speciality.

Hyderabad Cupcakes also specializes in unique Cakes, Cupcake Towers and Gift Boxes for Weddings and our exclusive corporate clientele! We share our creations on social media on Facebook and Instagram, and encourage people to follow us on there to stay in touch. You can also always drop us a DM or call us for a no obligation quote, says Shaista Jivraj, the owner of Hyderabad Cupcakes.


Cake O’clock

The main objective of Cake o ‘clock is to display some of the best works and make it available for all of their followers. At Cake O’clock, the   batter is made from scratch with cooking butter. They provide customized cakes with whipped cream and fondant. Their designs are inspired by colors and decorations. Apart from cakes they also have cupcakes, cake pops , cookies and donuts.

Flavours available :- Chocolate, Vanilla (colored layers ) , Pineapple, blueberry, cookie and cream, red velvet and butterscotch. Exclusive flavors like :- Pan, lemon and coffee. The specialities of Cake O’ clock are Unicorn cakes and tall cakes. In cupcakes they have Galaxy cupcakes and mini cupcakes along with mini donuts.

Place your order at: cakeoclock_hyd on Instagram

Contact: 91 79816 57840

Let’s be honest! You are not going for cake for sustenence, you are going for a cake for the beauty of indulgence , for the spirit of just letting free. I know maybe this cake is in the things thats gonna round out your diet for the day,  but it’s whats  gonna bring you joy and remind you that life’s too short to worry about how many pieces of cake you ate today!

Buy cakes and eat cakes! With this thought in mind, one day I started asking myself this question, “what is that you can do every single day for the rest of your life?” And I was like, “make cake”. And so while I was studying my degree I started my own Instagram startup cake business in Hyderabad. Thats how Cake O’clock happened. Come join us and share a slice of happiness, says Agreema, the owner of Cake O’clock.



Labonel Fine Baking is a made to order cake shop. In fact their usp is “Made-to-Order, Baked Fresh!” The shop is now 13 years old, with 3 shops in Hyderabad and their fourth shop opening soon in Vijaywada. It has come a long way since its inception at home with a small delivery window. They have a lot to offer, but their Classics like Chocolate Cake, Classic & Red Velvet Brownies, Cupcakes and Cookies are our all time favourites.

Their teacake loaves like White Chocolate Cranberry, Honey Chocolate, Berry Crumble and Benedict Bar are plain, simple comfort food!  Gourmet cakes like Lindt Cointreau Mousse Cake, Parisian Mousse Gateau, Espresso Fudge Cake, Pistachio & Lemon Gateau and other cakes made with various fillings and icings are wonderful for celebrations.

Address: Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Gachibowli

Also available on: www.labonelfinebaking.shop and on Facebook and Instagram as Labonel

Contact: 095817 74709

For me experience is everything, I wanted to create an environment that spells and “smells” baking! I wanted customers to walk into a pleasant ambience and smell the freshly baked goods from the oven. I have always aimed to deliver my products in the same manner as I would bake at home.

We still bake in small batches and work with hand mixers for many of our products. Working like we do at home gives me the satisfaction that nothing is compromised with respect to ingredients or the process. One of the best compliments I continue to hear and feel blessed to do so is when people walk in to the store and exclaim “It smells amazing!” When I hear that, I feel like I’m doing something right, says Mehnaz the owner of Labonel.



Zsáraliz is conceptualized and founded by Zia Bilgrami and run by Nisha Bilgrami. Zia has worked internationally in the food industry and has crafted desserts that are made from the finest ingredients. Zsáraliz has very successfully operated primarily under a “to order only” format, servicing high end coffee shops, restaurants and individual customers.

Some of their popular desserts include their signature brownie, a decadent chocolate ganache cake, a rich chocolate walnut cake, Tres Leches a peach & kiwi dessert, brownies, walnut fudge tart, chocolate orange mousse, triple chocolate mousse and a chocolate hazelnut mousse. Seasonal desserts such as their delicious moist Christmas cake and plum pudding are always sold out, so it is best to place orders in advance.

Address: Near Kangaroo Kids School, Road No 3, Banjara Hills. Also available on: Instagram as Zsaraliz

Contact: 9849041335, 9346486767

Zsaraliz uses simple high quality ingredients to bring tantalizing treats to your table. It is easy to make food look extremely visually appealing and to extend its shelf life using ingredients whose molecular structure has been altered to a state unrecognizable by the human body.

We believe that these ingredients are not suitable for consumption and therefore Zsaraliz aims to avoid their usage in its products. We at Zsaraliz have a passion for clean eating and are earnestly trying to promote and encourage this movement. To that end, we are creating a line of health foods that can satiate your sweet cravings. We are also expanding our offerings to accommodate people with food restrictions such as sugar and gluten, says Zia, the founder of Zsaraliz.


Alchemy 180

ALCHEMY 180 is all about the endeavor to create and customize desserts that suit every occasion and each individual’s distinct taste. Their essence is creativity personalized to deliver joy in a box. Each Alchemy 180 creation is a labor of love and diligent experimenting to bring only the best to your taste buds. Clients are given a world of choices and options that they can tweak and customize based on whatever their mood, occasion, and personal likes dictate!

Be it in taste or aesthetics they deliver excellence in each creation. The final result is always something that is deeply sentimental to the clients with a story behind the cake and of course, worthy of the photoshoot of its own which Alchemy’s Instagram page is proof of!

Place your order at: www.alchemy180.com

Also available on: Facebook & Instagram as alchemy180

Contact: 9246585361

When you are head over heels in love with an artistic skill or any activity irrespective of it having any monetary value – the beauty and love will reflect in your final product. This is the only philosophy I believe in and it is what helps me maintain a healthy and disciplined work ethic. Baking is the incredible marriage of both art and precise science and it takes billions of failed experiments and disasters to reach perfection.

Yet at the end of my typically busy day I hit my bed happy and satisfied that my art and my work has delivered sweet smiles on all my client’s faces. This gives me the strength to power through the hectic schedule a bake-from-home business entails and all the hard work it demands to juggle student and entrepreneur life!, says Alisha, the owner of Alchemy 108°

Cupcakes by Aequila

Cupcakes by Aequila doesn’t settle for things unless it feels like it has attained utmost perfection. They only use olive or canola oil for their orders to make them healthy. They customize the cake to whatever extent you want and you’ll have a cake that looks like nothing else. Cupcakes by Aequila specialises in  custom fondant cakes and cupcakes that challenge their creative side to create something better each time.

What’s special about Cupcakes by Aequila is that they not only bake for humans but also bake for dogs. They use products that are very healthy and will only help nourish your puppy and cause no harm. Now order delicious treats for your pets without having to worry about their tummies!

Place your order at: cupcakes_by_aequila on Instagram

Contact: 8341563666

Being a millennial thriving in the age of the internet, I truly am an online learner of many arts. From being a professional rifle shooter to a self-taught baker, designer, artist, doodler. I definitely am a jack of many trades. Spreading love through food is what makes me happy! My love for baking was born out of it. I spread this love to our four legged family members too. Yes, I bake for dogs.

I do not have any certifications in baking, but there’s something about being a self-taught baker. You learn things that one can’t teach you. Being a baker born in your own kitchen has its own perks. You see something, you improvise it. And the best part? Trying out a whole new approach for an existing recipe and learning about substitutes. Baking is a combination of science and art. Does a better combination really exist?, says Akhila, the owner of cupcakesbyaequila.

The Cakesmith

The Cakesmith provides customized handcrafted cakes for all occasions. Among their most ordered flavours are chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. They  do not use store made cakemix, and believe in making the most luxuriously delicious and moist cakes from scratch according to the customers delight and request. Among other things Cakesmith excels at are choc-chip cookies, cake jars, muffins and cheesecakes so good that it feels like a little bliss in every bite.

Place your order at: thecakesmith_hyd on Instagram

Contact: 8309691843

I started experimenting with baking at a very young age. Wasn’t always great, but I grew more fond of it as I learned. Encouragement from my family and husband is what drove me to pursue my passion along with my ongoing education and now, the immense joy I get from making someone’s day even more special is what fuels me to keep going.

It has been a great pleasure being The Cakesmith ! What started off as just an Instagram account, has grown into a trusted source of the best quality cakes for many Hyderabadis, sayas Rana, the owner of the Cakesmith.



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