Satisfy your chocolate craving with Euphoria

Who doesn’t love the amazing cake and cookie mix dessert that we call “brownie”. That soft, intense, gooey piece of a chocolate square which is irresistible has the power to make anyone’s palate weak and happy! If you have a Tiffany blue box, labelled Euphoria in your hands then you are in for a treat and you should know that you are going to taste the best thing in your life. Faisal and his wife Anita were very particular about the tiffany blue colour box and came up with the name Euphoria which means “extreme happiness”. Their brownies are fudgy, soft and rich that just melts in your mouth, you wouldn’t stop at eating just one. Their classic chocolate and walnut brownies are the bestselling; also for all the coffee lovers, they got coffee flavoured brownies too. Faisal, co-founder of Euphoria always wanted to run his own business and travel around the world, so he decided to quit his job and made Euphoria a successful business, after which there was no looking back. Euphoria is featured on the list of best bakers on Zomato. Faisal and Anita were asked to do a bake sale at YWCA in December 2015, where they baked 40 kilos of brownies in around 36 hours. The entire lot was sold out in a day’s time after few days passed the orders started pouring in for them and that’s how the serious business started. They never compromise on the quality and deliver the brownies personally to the customers for which they have created an excellent customer base. The personal connect that Euphoria has with its customer’s sets it apart from other brands.

Picture Courtsey: Arotographers

Address: 3rd crossroad, Hastinapuri Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.

Contact: 09949002305


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