Quattro Ristorante: Molecular Paradise

Plush interiors and minimalistic décor charm you as soon as you enter. Quattro serves all-vegetarian Italian and Mexican food with a continental twist and has been credited with bringing molecular cuisine to Hyderabad, so expect a lot of artsy and almost magical dishes like the ‘Eat your Iced Tea’ drinks that are just what the name suggests.


Amongst the impressive number of appetizer options the Formaggio de Patate -baby potatoes tossed in aglio olio (meaning garlic oil) sauce and topped with cheese- is a delicious contrast between the crunchy texture of the potatoes and the creamy sauce. The Filo Parcels, which is crispy and flaky filo pastry stuffed with spiced corn and olives; the Mexican Spiced Queso, which is pieces of tender cottage cheese spiced and served on a grill with chilli oil foam sprayed on top; the Taquito, which is gluten-free fried tortilla cones filled with beans, spicy jalapenos, tomato salsa and topped with avocado ice cream; and the classic cheese garlic bread, perfectly crispy and cheesy- all deserve a special mention.

The Margherita Upside Down pizza is quite a hit and is a brilliant twist on an evergreen pizza. The Burrito pizza is an interesting mix of Italian and Mexican cuisines and is basically pizza made on tortilla. The Penne Pink pasta is penne cooked in a pelati tomato and cream sauce and is as filling as it is delicious. If you’re looking to go all out on Italian, the Lasagne Fritta is a good choice – pieces of parmesan lasagne, fried and served over Alfredo sauce with a topping of parmesan and marinara sauce. For rice lovers, the Jalapeno Riso with Grilled Cottage Cheese – rice spiced in true Mexican style with bits of grilled paneer – is a must try.

There are lots of beverages you can choose from with eclectic combinations like the Mango Basil from the smoothie section, the Spiced Watermelon and Apple Basil coolers, and the Mint Cucumber and Ginger Watermelon virgin mojito. The iced teas will blow your mind away with not only their refreshing taste but also with how they are presented – the Green Apple and Watermelon iced teas are both made just right.

For desserts, Tulip recommends the Chocolate Saturn and Hot Chocolate Soup – a ball of chocolate which when cracked open oozes chocolate. The Chocolate Ganache Torte – signature Quattro chocolate cake with salted ice cream will take you straight to chocolate heaven.

Head over for a lazy Sunday brunch, or a romantic dinner – Quattro Ristorante really is the place to be.

Address: 1217/A, Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills, Phone: 091009 20233


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