Hyderabad’s most prized possession Biryani

A dozen ways to make it, with each having its own wonderful taste and flavours, I’m talking about the best possible meal of the City- Biryani! It is not just a cuisine for us Hyderabadis, it is a way of life.

It’s impossible to not have the urge to eat it at any time of the day. Given a chance, I’d gladly accept it as my breakfast too. We understand the importance of this one dish for you and we’d never let you settle for anything less than the best. So here we’ve some of the yummiest biryanis of the city and where you can gorge on it.

Biryaniwala and Co.

Located beside the TV9 office on Road no.3, this is a heaven of biryani. The place has quickly gained a lot of customers and fans, thanks to its mouthwatering food. It’s the one restaurant you ought to dine at. A small place filled with goodness, you can literally find strands of saffron in the biryani which proves its splendid quality.

The long grains of rice with the wholesome spices and the tender juicy meat pieces- what else could a hardcore biryani fan want? Make sure you go there on an empty stomach and let their biryani steal your heart.

Apart from its flavourful biryani, their Mutton Sheek Bukhara, Mutton Achari boti, Mutton Rogni, Mutton Sunehra, Mutton Lajawab, and also Fish Rogni, along with Prawns Peshawari for the seafood lovers, is extremely delicious and popular with customers.

Where- Banjara Hills, Road No. 3

Contact- 040-66668111


Dabbawala Biryani

This is exclusively a biryani joint and they couldn’t have had anything better! They serve so many varieties of biryanis that it’ll always make you crave for more. You’ve got to choose from Tehri – a vegetarian pulao sort of biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Bombay biryani, Malabar biryani, Sindhi biryani and many others!

It is super light on the pocket and super tasty as well. The vegetarians are in luck here as their paneer biryani is absolutely drool worthy.

The paneer cubes are very soft and the caramelized onions on top add that bit of crunch to the biryani.Their packaging is also very good and comes with disposable spoons for that hassle-free office lunch. Sindhi biryani is another immensely tempting variant with the correct amount of masala and morsel sized chicken pieces.

The spice levels are just perfect. A light breeze of the aroma will fill your senses with longing of eating all of it. You’ll be thanking us later.

Where- Madhapur

Contact –040-48599445


Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya

Luxury biryani has a new name now. Welcome to the fine dining experience of ITC Kakatiya where every delicacy seems like a blessing. Their biryani will tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting with much more than your appetite.The handi is covered with a special flour based flap which intensifies its taste and locks in the aroma.

You’ll be enchanted by the 5star level of their delectable Biryani. It has a subtle flavour and aroma without any drama of spices and meat that you can never get enough of. The 3 types of biryanis are cooked to perfection to cater vegetarians and non vegetarians. They have Ala Carte as well as a buffet menu with biryani being the king of the menu.

Where- Begumpet

Contact- 040-23400132


Paradise Food Court

With over 15 outlets in the city, this place needs no introduction, does it? The scintillating aroma of the long grains of rice mixed with the right balance of oil and spices, the hint of ghee and the perfectly cooked chunks of juicy mutton and chicken.

You just cannot resist the savor of their signature biryani. There can never be enough adjectives to describe the heavenly taste of the biryani here. I don’t know for you, but my dinner is sorted for tonight! One hasn’t been to Hyderabad if they haven’t come here at least once to relish on biryani.

It is the literal paradise on earth for biryani and other equally delightful dishes.

Where- Secunderabad, Himayathnagar, Necklace Road

Contact- 08977011117


Behrouz Biryani

Perhaps my favorite one here, Behrouz biryani is the most ‘hatke’ biryani in Hyderabad, in a good way though! The newcomer of the city, Behrouz Biryani’s preparations would be instantly identified by their mithai-like garnish of almond flakes, raisins and cardamom and the intense aroma of kewra.

It is called the royal biryani and I can assure you that it is so in all aspects, drizzled with almonds on the top with  boneless chicken pieces in the biryani – squishy and succulent. The Dumgosht biryani stands out by virtue of the unmistakable flavour of slow-cooked mutton.

The Murgh Makhani biryani is mildly smoky.You can feast on it at home itself as it’s a delivery only service through online orders. It’s available on zomato, swiggy and UberEats and delivers to almost every location. The roots of this version of biryani is apparently Turkish cum Persian and as an Irani myself, I can vouch for its authenticity.

There are also a number of short tales pertaining to the fictional side of the backstory of its innovation on their website which you can read and enjoy.

Where: Hitec City, Gachibowli, Secundreabad

Contact- 7700050050



If there is one restaurant that has redefined the essence of Andhra cuisine, it has to be Ulavacharu. By now, this place has become synonymous for its famous Raju Gari Kodi Pulao which is also their best seller. Unlike other pulaos, this is cooked in chicken stock with a good blend of spices in steam wherein the spices are properly balanced to you the zing required.

This pulao has its own health benefits as well because of its steaming process. The other must-try items here are Banglu kali, Kothakodi, kodi chips, Rayavarikodi pulao, Apricot delight, Mamsamvepudu, Etcetera.

Where – Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills

Contact – 040-23545596


Grand Hotel

One of the oldest and most trusted restaurants on our list, you need to binge eat here for the traditional and authentic Hyderabadi biryani. Situated on the ever busy road near GPO, Abids, it is the major attraction of the area.

The biryani comes with the different layers of the constituents, each layer having it’s unique special taste. Also, the quantity they offer is quite large. It isn’t spicy at all which let’s you enjoy the experience thoroughly. Paneer butter masala, grilled chicken, cream rolls are among the many other food items you ought of try here!

Where- Abids

Contact- 7093320121




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