It’s the same story every year; come up with a resolution to get fit and eat healthy. It is a super hard feat to stay away  from the delectable tasty food that is scattered over our restaurants today. Boiled  veggies,  soups  and  salads are things that, instead of tickling our taste buds, makes us angry and irritated on the contrary. What if I tell you that you can now indulge in your favourite foods without worrying about the fat and calorie count? You  heard  it  right!  This  year  follow  your  resolutions  by  eating  right  and  healthy without  punishing your taste buds. 

The  following  are  the  9  healthy go-to  restaurants  and  cafes  in  Hyderabad which will not compromise on the taste and yet be super healthy.

Eat. Fit
After seeing the rise in the demand for healthy and nutritious food among the millennial, the idea of was created. Their menu consists of everything from Indian to fusion food and different variety of snacks which are usually high in protein and low in calories and carbs. They also make sure of using only natural sweeteners rather than using the refined sugar. And, seasonal drinks like ‘Aam Panna’ are worth trying.

Location – Door No. 2-56/122,123,124 & 127/SC, Ground Floor, Gachibowli (Delivery only)
Contact No: + 91 86604 08047, + 91 93476 61952
Guava Glow Juice with a bowl of Dry Fruits
Authentic Rajma with Rotis and Bhindi Chana masala along with Raita and Salad

Baguette Salads
“Delicious Food Made Simple”, that is what the company’s mission is. Baguette salads are known to offer one-of-a-kind salads. They make sure it is nourishing, wholesome and completely irresistible for people who seek rich taste in food without the fear of added calories. Their most iconic dishes consist of “Red Onions Pickle” and ‘Cheddar Cheese Iceberg Tomatoes.”

Location – You can find them in four locations, namely –
Banjara Hills – 8-2-248/B, Road No.3, Lumbini Amrutha Chambers.
Madhapur – 1-85, Hitec City Road, Near Madhapur Petrol Pump
Gachibowli – 1-27, Cellar A Block, TM Yadav Gokul Plaza, Gachibowli Main Road
Lingampally – 85, Gachibowli Road, Anand Nagar, Gulmohar Park Colony
Contact – + 91 95029 55499
Cottage Cheese along with salad leaves, fresh tomatoes and healthy sauces
Health Bent
A pioneer in trying to debunk “Healthy eating is boring”, Firmeals Cafe is one if it’s kind.
They have options of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes among which “Mutton Curry” and “Baingan Bharta” are the top-rated dishes.
Their main motive behind their dishes is that people should never compromise with the taste even when they are trying to be health conscious.
Thus, for every person who loves to indulge in something healthy without compromising on the taste, this place is just for you.

Location – Plot 140, 3rd floor, Sri Mallikarjuna Towers, Vinayak Nagar, Indira Nagar, Gachibowli
Contact – +91 91001 00516
Steamed rice with curry filled with veggies and topped with broccoli
Assorted Veggie Platter
Soups n Salads
If you are a person who loves indulging in array of light soups and salads but still want some spike and spunk in the taste, then, Soups n Salads is the place for you. Not only soups and salads but this place offers you a wide range of omelettes, wraps, main entrees, smoothies and deserts too. The only one tip is to make sure that you have a good appetite for such delicious, lip-smacking healthy food options. Their top-rated dishes include “Chicken soup”, “Pumpkin soup” and “Spicy Southwestern Salad.”

Location – Plot 715, 1st Floor, Jubilee Towers, Road 36, Jubilee Hills
Contact – 040 2355 0038
A healthy alternative for any deep-fried meal or snack
Terrassen Cafe
This small, quaint cafe in Hyderabad is known for providing the best pizzas, burgers and desserts which are all healthy.
Yes, you heard it right! It replaces all the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ingredients and natural sweeteners in case of desserts making it calorie free. Top dishes to try include desserts, such as “Brownies” and “Terrassen Ragi Cake”.
You can also indulge in some hot chocolate or a nice cup of hot coffee.

Location – House No. 8-2, 418/1/2, Road No. 4, Resham Bagh, Banjara Hills
Contact – +91 83097 37962, +91 95812 51848
Indulge in some calorie-free desserts without compromising on taste
Alive Cafe
A cute little comfortable place, with simple yet eye-catching decor, Alive cafe seriously brings out the most healthy options in western cuisine. You get everything from sweet to savoury, smoothie bowls and desserts. One thing you must try here are the “Buddha Bowls” which are wholesome and balanced bowls with all the necessary nutrients. Other top-rated dishes include, “Potato Pancake”, “Acai Bowl” and variety of smoothie bowls.

Location – Plot 566, 1st Floor, Above Starbucks, Road Mo. 92, Jubilee Hills
Contact – 040 4346 0535
Try the lip-smacking smoothie bowl that ensures taste and heath equally
Sage Farm Cafe
Small, comfortable and natural is what comes to your mind when you enter this cafe. The best part is it provides healthy options and the ingredients used here are all farm fresh without any added preservatives which add to the wholesome well-nourished food. You get everything from different Indian or western breakfast options to salads, healthy and hearty pizzas, desserts, cakes to vegan frozen desserts.
The top rated dishes here are, “Pizzas”, “Burrito Bowl” and “Ragi Dosa”.

Location – 1227, Road No. 62A, Jubilee Hills
Contact – +91 98494 27575
Indulge in some hearty and healthy pizzas at Sage Farm Cafe
This cafe is known for its organic and fresh farm fruits and vegetables which are used in making of different dishes. You literally get everything from wraps, main entrees, millet and rice bowls, Asian and meat bowls to desi desserts. The top rated dishes are meat dishes such as “Mutton Curry”, “Chetinadu Chicken” which goes well with Jowar Roti.

Location – HUDA Layout, Indira Nagar, Tellapur, Lingampally
Contact – +91 88827 89999, +91 90307 72728, +91 99660 63616
Choose organic fruits and vegetables for a well balanced diet
FitMeals Cafe
Fitmeals is one of the pioneers, which are trying to prove the point wrong, “Healthy eating is boring”.
They have various customised diet meals according to the different height, weight and body proportions.
Their top dishes consist of variety of pasta and sandwiches which ensures good taste and equally good nutrients proportion.

Location – 8-2-350/3/1/C, 1st Floor, Above Almond House, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills
Contact – +91 91218 61045
Choose from a diverse range of options at FitMeals

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