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Tell us about yourself?

I am introvert by nature and love creativity.  Founder and Manager of SK fine jewellery. I am a jewellery designer and Diamond graduate and I love playing with metals and minerals.

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a jewellery designer?

As said… Diamonds and jewellery is a girl’s best friend. Hence, the spark of jewellery was the apple of my eye since childhood. I was always fascinated by seeing something glittering in my mom’s hand or ears; they have always caught my attention drawing me keen to know more about jewellery. But my dream could get life only after my graduation. The next thing that stepped into my mind after graduation was Metals, Minerals and more…!

Tell us about your company?

SK Fine Jewellery is a brand that features a range of jewellery fashioned by times tested artistry, passion, perfection and luxury. A delicate elegant display of Indian and contemporary designs that is subtly enthralling and decadently exclusive. We create styles that effortlessly combine grandeur with luxury and indulgence with practicality.

What are your favourite materials to use?

Starting with carbon (diamonds) crafted in gold rose gold, white gold and platinum. I also envision crafted gemstones and organic minerals as corals and pearl. As an artist loves colouring his canvas I love adding colours to my jewels with enamels as well.

What kind of jewellery is your company into?

SK fine jewellery is about diamonds redefined with par excellence of designing accrediting our craftsman who creates works of art with hand-crafted selected stones and giving life to the delicate designs envisioned by our designers.

What are the challenges you face while making jewellery for people?

The first and the finest challenge is to being a connoisseur to your clients’ jewellery being a very vast platform unfolds a challenge each upcoming day gives us an opportunity to grow. Traditional designs, contemporary designs, modern designs and the peak of all challenges are a fusion of these with budget criteria.

What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewellery?

Keeping it simple, I would just say nature and its beauty play a very significant and vital role in crafting jewellery. I want my customers to discover a celebration of each visit!

Shital Karnani

Contact: +91 9849992273


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