The Secret Lake

From Golconda’s Drinking Water Supply to the City’s Boat Rides

Located at a walkable distance from the City’s largest Mall – Inorbit Mall, the lake is a serene place for everyone to take a break from the fast-paced life to enjoy the beauty of nature once in a while.

With a colourful joggers park and place to walk around, Durgam Cheruvu is not only known for its beauty to behold, but also for the adventure and recreational activities that have grown around it to attract more tourists.

Like every place in Hyderabad, the story behind Durgam Cheruvu is also rich with historical significance and is one to talk about while marveling at the birds and the countless industrial and technological developments that surround the lake.

The area around the park is known for being a famous spot for film shootings with it’s aesthetic aura of beauty and hope. A lot of projects are being undertaken around the lake and the sound of slight hammering for an industrially progressive future is not far off from the lake.

The lake is absolutely stunning to look at with plants and colourful flowers everywhere. The rocks on the shore of the lake contribute a rugged aura to it while the waters always remain calm reflecting the life of the Hyderabadis.

Previously surrounded by trees and almost resembling a forest, the lake is now developed to suit the needs of the people of the City with facilities from a joggers lane to an Amphitheatre, from chilling at the shore to celebrating in the pubs that have grown around the lake.

The place is cackling with the cacophony of people chattering and having fun during the open hours of the Lake with everyone savouring the temporary escape from boisterous everyday life in the City.

The lake is always calm and is sure to give everyone the mental peace they require to carry on with their lives in a world that focuses on fastly moving forward. The lake is a safe haven hidden away within the IT Hub of Hyderabad.

Did You Know?

  • The Secret Lake was a source of drinking water to the Golconda Fort residents during the reign of the QutubShahi Dynasty (1518-1687).

  • There was no visible access to the lake and was kept hidden for the protection of the royal family from possible poisoning of the water.

  • Hidden by Granite Rocks older than 2500 million years surrounding the lake, spread across an area of 63 acres of land,the lake was kept a secret for twenty years.

  • Today, visitors can marvel at its serene ambience, adventure activities, amphitheatre and cafes that developed in and around the Lake to give people a glimpse into the historical and aesthetic beauties this City holds.


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