The Magic of Sand Artistry

Tell us something about yourself?

I see myself as an enlightened one but no proof to prove the point. It just reflects in the way I live, I work; I talk and write as I see all are one. I allowed things to happen from my childhood. Born in a small town, studied in Telugu medium till graduation in math’s, then dropped out from FINE ARTS, JNTU, then finished post graduation in mass communication, worked 3 years extensively in the animation industry. I kept tried to express myself and always in search of mediums. From 2010, the journey began, dropped all influences, started doing things like painting, holding exhibitions, writing books about my own experiences (NOTES OF MUSHIN – my book available on Amazon), and performing sand – dust – art (I CALL IT PRACTICAL ART) all over the world.

Since how many years are you into this field?

This is the 5th year.

How did you find your passion in sand artistry?

Particle art is a very good medium to tell a story. I never perform generic stories. All my clientele loved me and my work, just because I create a sense of responsibility make everyone involved from taking inputs, conceptualizing, and developing a storyboard to the performance.  I performed on prestigious stages including FLINT CENTER, CALIFORNIA.. one of the best stages every artist desires to perform.  Planning to release a book with those scripts/stories and storyboards I have written for the organizations.

I draw inspiration from life.. it doesn’t matter where that exists.

Does one have to go under training to pursue sand artistry?

There is a misconception about the sand art, it’s not a medium to draw, but a medium to tell a story. Drawings we make support the story. I was invited by INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS regarding ARTIST IN RESIDENCY programme…  Where I conducted a workshop for international students and delegates on how sand art can be used in effective storytelling.

I have tremendous knowledge in sketching; hence I mastered the art of bringing quick transitions while drawing. The one who is trained certainly brings depth in performance.  The most important thing is one should have story writing skills.

What is next for your career?

Career and profession have no place in my life. I keep doing things. In next few months, two painting exhibitions are coming up. Just returned from Goa performed from 6TH WORLD CONGRESS OF REGRESSION THERAPY where delegates flew from orient and west, and few interesting performances coming up… been Learning violin every day Indian classical.

I keep doing things.. life goes on

What is the uniqueness in sand artistry?

It surely stands unique when it compared with other art forms.  Let me explain in simple words. When a dancer performs in traditional style, she already practices and comes fully prepared to perform while audience also have an idea about it. it’s like the cooked food is served.

When I perform,  I never practice, physically… I just write a script I see forms in the mind.  I prepare the food on stage, which brings some life and I call it real experience artist, and audience both get at the same time. Real art is not imitation but inspiration.

My performance is a meditative experience.

How has the response been in sand artistry?

Amazing. I never socialize myself. I never carry any visiting card. I never shared my work on fb, or twitter or any other social networking cites. It’s my realization that work should speak, not the artist. A person should haunt the artist to work with him. My every opportunity knocks my door as a surprise, and I respond with gratitude without much expectation.  I perform as if each performance is my last performance.  I learned and experimented many things while performing this.

Now tulip also came as a surprise. hahaha

What are the things one should keep in mind while performing sand artistry?

Few things. Duration, what to convey through the performance the most important thing is taking everyone beyond time. the essence of true art lies in beyond time or timelessness. All I know is how to take you beyond time and mind. If this happens… rest assured everything happened.


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