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Hyderabad- A city full of people, ambitions, dreams, stories and a truck load of talent! Being a Hyderabadi myself, I can vouch for all my fellow Hyderabadis. This place is no less than a seashell in itself, filled with pearls of priceless value, hence our title. Here we bring to you few of the most talented people of our city who excel in their field. I genuinely believe that each one of you (Yes, I’m talking to you exactly) triumph in your own sphere and given the chance, I would write about all of you but for now, these are our current favorites!


Meenakshi Pamnani

Fashion blogger


“Don’t blindly follow trends, create your own because that’s what makes you unique. Also, always dress comfortably because only that can give you the confidence that makes you look amazing.”



Mehdi Hasan



“Success doesnt have shortcuts. There is only one way- hardwork ! Honest hardwork never goes in vain. Nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself.”


Krupa Rajgor



“I’ve made 4 commitments with my body. Firstly, I don’t diet. I’ve changed to a healthy lifestyle which doesn’t make me diet as such. Secondly, I enjoy exercising! I’d any day prefer to hit the gym and get fitter rather than slouch on the couch. The last thing I abide by is sleep! I also chew gums and drink lots of water which helps in maintaining my food cravings as low as possible.”


Hravan Madirajuand Kiran Madigan

Wedding Planners


 “A destination wedding will be hands down the best as it’s the call of the season. Bali makes an amazing destination wedding location along with Nepal and Bhutan. If you’re looking for somewhere in India itself, Goa would be great and so would be the in-house weddings in the palaces of Rajasthan and Udaipur”.


Harman Kaur



“Best outfit options for me would be whites and linens. For the guys, I’d suggest a linen jacket with a light fabric jogger, even though it’s black and not a lot of people prefer black in summers but it’s one way to stand out and yet look cool and avoid melting in the heat. As for the girls, shorts and shirts or t-shirts with slides would look and feel great”.



Gulnar Virk Krishna



I feel sheer grit; determination and hard work will ensure success for anyone even in fields we assume have been dominated by the opposite sex. Instead of competing with men, we should all hope to work together for the betterment of our respective professional journeys while collectively contributing to the overall development of our society.”



Irfan Intekhab



“Observation and communication are two things a photographer ought to follow as mantras. As a photographer, it’s also highly important to make your subjects feel comfortable and have a good time to help them forget that they’re facing a camera.”


Inam Khan



“One of my favorite and a very important ingredient in my cooking is a premium quality of Balsamic Vinegar. Once the chicken is 3/4th cooked, I give a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar mixed with honey n paprika and its this combination which enhances the flavors of the dish. Its the tangy,  sweet yet sharp flavor of Balsamic vinegar which takes the taste of any normal dish to anextravagant flavor.”


Komal Sirwani



“The key qualities that you need to become an RJ is an enthusiasm to voice your opinions, an ability to connect with people and being extremely informed and aware of everything that you are putting across.

However the most important point is to have fun at what you do, that’s how your listener is having fun while listening to you.”



Preeti Philip



“An advertising strategy is not just about having a great creative/design/campaign but also reaching out to the right target audience. It’s about having the right mix of marketing approach. Working with luxury brands such as park Hyatt Hyderabad, we have had the opportunity to engage our audience continuously with new and innovative campaigns to ensure great brand visibility and positioning in the city”.



Saniya Khan

Makeup Artist


I’m presently obsessed with coloring the inner corners of my eyes with out of the box shades, like greens and pinks, not the usual gold. It legitimately wakes up your eyes and elevates your makeup game to THAT level!”


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