Friends Fur-Ever!

Have you ever wanted to own a dog or a cat but couldn’t get one because of your busy work or college schedule? Or maybe because your parents said no? It’s fun to have a little pooch running up to you when you get home from a tiring day. There’s a reason why people say “a dog is a man’s best friend”. You have a companion; someone to play with, someone to cheer you up when you’re low, someone you can take along with. It’s also a great way to meet new people! But, did you know that there are also several health benefits of owning a pet? Studies have proven that pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels than people who don’t own a pet. That means having a furry pal can decrease the chances of suffering a heart attack later in life (maybe, just maybe this information can help you convince your parents to get that cute little pup that you’ve been dying to get since forever). We’ve asked some pet owners to share with us why they think owning a pet is great!

“Owning a cat is such a great experience. At first, I wasn’t allowed to have a pet but since it was the only thing I wished for, my brother got one for me and my parents reluctantly agreed. The day I got Zizu, my life changed in a lot of ways. Although he didn’t understand my language at first, it was amazing to see how he responded to my demeanour. No matter how bad my day is, the moment I take him in my lap all my stress is relieved. He always enhances my mood and never lets me feel lonely. He is a great source of exercise for me as he is very playful. He acts like my alarm clock every morning and wakes me up with a lot of cuddles. Having Zizu as my pet has taught me to be so much more loving, caring and empathetic. My parents, who were totally against him, love him more than I do today. So I’d like to end by saying that everyone should own a pet and sign up for unconditional love without a second thought.”

Taniya, Student.


“Having a pet can be a great stress buster. You always have a friend, a companion, and I absolutely love my German Shepherd, Ace. He keeps me active and his sweet pair of eyes instantly help get my mind off the thoughts and emotions that are causing stress. People aren’t always around when you need them, but pets are. They’re constantly giving off love and gratitude and are happy to just be in your presence.”

Tauseef Altamash, COO at Fortador.


“Our family is blessed to have a Rottweiler, Rotto, since the past seven and a half years. Right from the day he walked into our lives with his tiny legs till now, when he sees us, there hasn’t been a single day when his wagging tail did not bring a smile to our faces.

Imagine this: You come home from a party late night and thankfully your parents are asleep – but as soon as you unlock the gate – right in front of you, is this big bundle of joy, wagging his tail, really glad to see you back home. Pets, especially dogs are considered to be stress busters. Not only do they relieve you of your stress, but also increase your physical well-being, protect your home and your kids. They make a hardcore introvert, an extrovert. Also, it is said that a dog would travel 4,500 km just to find his human if lost and that’s why they’re considered a man’s best friend, even though our friends wouldn’t do the same for us. We, humans, always look for what’s beneficial to us and truly don’t deserve these beautiful creatures, yet, we are very lucky to have them!”

Ashish Jain, Student.



“I’ve always been very fond of dogs; from the infancy of a puppy to the regality of an old dog, canines are a constant source of surprises and rewards! I’ve got a wonderful companion in my Saint Bernard, Buddy. He’s an absolute delight to be around and is always deliriously excited to see me. I’d gotten him as a gift for my son but, I spend more time with him than my son does! A dog’s love is unconditional; he’ll be by your side no matter what. If you’ve had a long, tiring day, just seeing Buddy wagging his tail with excitement, makes it all okay!”

Aqil Syed, Director of Commander Ali’s Academy of Merchant Navy

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Nails n Tails

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Happy Tails Pet Grooming & Spa

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If you’re planning to get yourself a pet, here are a few pet stores where you can get them from!


This newly opened store has already gathered a lot of customers. They’ve got Chow Chows, Persian cats, Bengal cats and much more. You can also order the pet you’re looking for!

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Fur & Feathers

One of the most popular stores in the city, Fur & Feathers doesn’t just have dogs and cats; they’ve got some beautiful, exotic birds as well!

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Ammu’s Pets & Kennels

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