Defining Hyderabad from A to Z


Adaab, we couldn’t have found better way to begin this. Adaab (Means – Hello) is a local way of greeting , it reflects tehzeeb and warmth of Hyderbadis



Baigan is very authentic to Hyderabad, be it in your dish or your language, only people who are from Hyderabad will relate to this. Be it ‘Bagara Baigan’ or ‘Baigan ki Batan’ it’s only in Hyderabad.



Charminar, the iconic monument synonyms to Hyderabad itself but did you know it was built in 1591 AD. It is one of the most famous buildings in India and was built by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahi to celebrate the end of a deadly plague.



Dawat, that’s how you celebrate in the city of Nizams, gatherings big or small, where everything from food to dressing up is the highlight of the event and



Eid, This is the time when the entire Hyderabad comes to life, every nook and corner is lit up with excitement, it is a festival which the entire city irrespective of religion age or sex comes together and celebrate.



Faltu ke Batan. Well, people of Hyderabad can sometimes be in denial and refute anything the person in front of them acclaims, states or even speaks. This line is to shut them all up.



Golconda, Hyderabad’s most impressive sight, this monumental fort lies on the western edge of town. The fort is known for its acoustic wonders. If you clap your hands from some specific points inside the fort, it makes an echo at the topmost part of the fort. What you whisper by standing at one corner of the building will be clearly audible at the opposite corner. The water supply system using terracotta pipes is a stunning example of the ancient engineering skill



Haleem is the star of Ramzan season! Much loved for its richness and flavours, the Hyderabadi Haleem was first introduced to the city’s food culture by the Nizams. It is a unique rendition of the classic Arabic stew made by mixing meat with pounded wheat and lentils, improved by used of local traditional spices.



Ittar is a kind of perfume made from natural fragrant materials like flowers, herbs and spices. The unique feature of attar/ittar is that it is sandalwood oil base, unlike modern perfumes that are alcohol based. They are locally produced and are packed in tiny glass jars.



Jai Telangana, well let’s just say past few years have been full of getting used to being the 29th state of India, we just can’t come to realize if we are the happy kid in this divorce or not.


Kalamkari is a splendid unique art in which painting is done using a pen. The colours used in this art are prepared from the parts of plants (leaves and roots), mineral salts of iron, tin, copper, etc. The motifs of kalamkari art are inspired by the temple architecture and scenes from great epics. These paintings were earlier drawn only on fabric, but now you can see on silk and other materials. Kalamkari art is also available in numerous forms and styles like prayer rugs, wall hangings, canopies, door covers, bed covers, dress materials, sarees, jackets and many more.



Lukmi, Hyderabadi treat is never complete without the authentic Lukhmis. These little squares of maida filled with minced meat, Dip it in hot chutney and savour the delectable flavour.



Marag, there is no better way to start your meal than a spicy-meaty soup. Prepared from tender mutton pieces with bone, Marag is loaded with flavours drawn from the meat chunks as well as rich ingredients such as cashew nuts and cream.



Nizams short for Nizam-ul-Mulk of Hyderabad, monarch of the Hyderabad State who left an unerring mark in our history, passed on a strong legacy and tradition that is valued by its city and people even today.



Osmania University, It was established and named after the seventh and last Nizam of Hyderabad, Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan. It is the third oldest university in southern India, and the first to be established in the erstwhile princely State of Hyderabad.



Paaya, If you haven’t tasted this, you are missing out on one of the best dishes in India. Paaya is prepared with roasted spices and goat trotters which means bags and bags of rich, succulent flavours packed into this one scrumptious dish. Serve it piping hot with steamed rice and experience the flavour dancing in your mouth.



Qubani ka Meetha,  The iconic dessert of Hyderabad! Dried apricots are cooked with lemon juice, blanched almonds and sugar.



Served with a brilliant chicken masala or eaten hot with a bowl of raita, Roghni Roti has been Hyderabad’s favourite protein (the best alternative to kale juice) since ages.



Saleem Pheku, I mean how could we leave this one behind, the Angrez was one of the best Hyderbadi movies that went cult giving people unforgettable dialogues and characters that people still refer people in funny situations.



Tollywood, a part of Indian Film industry that has given the world some block buster hits and attained a global recognition. Known for kick ass action and larger than life characters.



Ushari – kyukihumari slang hai boss

Hushyari to Ushari, it is the mildest “gaali” a Hyderabadi can give. “Tum Ushari kaiko karein,” has over time become a permanent part of our daily sarcastic vocabulary



Perfect for a long drive on a rainy day, or munching on chilly fritters, Vikarabad is the closest chill spot for Hyderabadis.



Another one of Hyderabad’s beloved insults, Waahiyat is a personal favourite. Used to insult a horrible, massy movie or a badly cooked plate of Biryani, Waahiyad is the Hyderabadi alternative for Pointless and stupid.



X roads, one of our major commercial centres is so underrated, too add it starts with the letter x, it’s left unrecognized, despite the fact that some MAJOR movie theatres line this road.  (Basically poor attempts to get rid of this letter X)



Zaleel, something every parent or relative uses on their kid in every furious situation HAHA!


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