The Viral Tornado Comedy Clubs

In the last couple of years, comedy has taken the viral world by storm, starting from the roast to Hamateurnights, comedy has warped into a big thing in our generation. Hyderabad has shown growth in the field of comedy, with several comedy clubs popping up in the city. Here are some of our choice recommends:

Hyderabadass Comedy Club

Why comedy?

Arun: Comedy is an escape both for comedians and for the audience. It’s an outlet for performers to express themselves as well as an outlet for audiences to laugh their worries away.

Aakash: It was never really a choice in my case. It’s what I was always meant to do on some level and a when I found it, I just knew.

Why did you feel the need to start this club and what are your expectations from it?

Arun: I first came to Hyderabad in 2015 after having performed comedy around the world. After spending weekends out with friends in different parts of town, I just felt like comedy was missing.

Aakash: Programming comedy is one of the great joys of my life. It’s an art and a science and after having done it in Mumbai and Gujarat for so long, when Arun asked me to come help in Hyderabad, I was thrilled because this is such a wonderful scene with some superb acts!

Do you think that people’s perception of comedy in India has been changing and how do you differentiate it from the West?

Arun: The audience’s perception of comedy in India has definitely been changing for the better over the past few years. People are confidently laughing at themselves, both on stage and off, and that’s the best foundation for great comedy.

Aakash: Exactly what Arun said.

How would you rate the comedy scene in Hyderabad?

Arun: I believe the scene in Hyderabad is one of the best in the region and will only get better with more time and support.

Aakash: I think definitely in the top 5 comedy cities. Hyderabad’s growth has been very impressive!

What are some of the challenges you face while running this club?

Arun: As with any other business, a few challenges have been financial — we have been looking for sponsors and hotel partners to come on board and help us deliver great shows by offsetting costs of travel whenever we have comedians in from out of town. I am confident we will find those partnerships soon and once we do, the sky’s the limit.

Aakash: Yeah I think apart from the economics of it all, it’s also building and maintaining the trust of comedians because patronage is important on both sides, from the audience as well as the artists. It is a Club’s responsibility to not just be a viable business, but also to lead the charge on pushing comedy and comics to be better and better. Making sure the programming is always fresh even with a small pool of comics, that it is impartial and also apt for the room and the crowd is essential to this.

A lot has been spoken about what a good comedian is like, could you give us your view on what a good audience is like?

Arun: A good audience member at a comedy show has come out to enjoy something different, have a laugh and cast inhibitions aside. Oh, and also has their phone on silent :).

Aakash: And don’t give jokes to us once we get off the stage. That’s annoying as hell.

What advice would you give to budding comics looking to make a career in this field?

Arun: Be yourself.

Aakash: And get on stage, a lot. This isn’t the piano. Practicing at home doesn’t count. Only stage time counts.

Address: At Heart Cup Coffee, Plot No.1179, Rd Number 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Funny Side Up

One city’s pioneering comedy groups, Funny Side Up can be defined in one word as “Hilarious.” Started by Rajasekhar Mamidanna along with Rohit Swain and Umesh Somani -this is a laughter tornado that sweeps over you and holds you captivated in its sarcastic, witty and often tear-jerking(in a good way) sets. The trio began appearing at popular coffee houses, corporate shows, and college fests.

Funny Side Up has been curating some of the best stand up venues in the city. With bi-weekly shows happening at The Park, Hyderabad (Thursday) & The Coffee Cup, Secunderabad (Friday) for beginners to test the waters. The group is a laughing act; they make you think, answer and face situations that our country is riddled with disguised in the form of comedy. With their impeccable comic timing, it is impossible not to burst into fits of giggles.

Why comedy?

Funny Side Up is Hyderabad’s first comedy collective. When all of us met, there was no comedy scene in the city so we started working towards a common interest & goal. With the help of then famous comedians like Nitin Gupta, VipulGoyal, Appurv Gupta & more – our initial goal was to make the audience in Hyderabad more comedy aware. As time progressed, we started doing shows with a local line up of comedians.

Do you think that people’s perception of comedy in India has been changing and how is it different from the west?

Comedy is rapidly evolving in India but it’s still just 10 years since Standup came to India while in the West it’s been there for 60-70 years. So it would be an unfair comparison. Now the audience in India is just getting aware that comedy can be beyond husband/wife jokes and a vehicle for social and political satire.

How would you rate the comedy scene in Hyderabad?

Excellent. We have close to 10 regular comedians who perform at various comedy venues across the city & another 10 upcoming comedians who are frequent to the open mic circuit. 2017 has been a fantastic year for the city comedians with RajasekharMamidanna’s  ‘The Legend of Ram’ comedy show going to 8 cities in India. One of our most popular themed shows, SILLY POINT – India’s first cricket based comedy show written & performed by Rohit Swain &HridayRanjan was a huge hit during the IPL season after touring 7 cities.

Funny Side Up has been curating some of the best stand up venues in the city. With bi-weekly shows happening at The Park, Hyderabad (Thursday) & The Coffee Cup, Secunderabad (Friday) over the last 2 years featuring over 40+ stand up artists from the country, we were able to present variety shows to comedy fans in the city.

We also run weekly open mics which is a platform for comedians to try out new material & most importantly for anybody who wants to try their hand at comedy. Newbies get a stage time of 3 mins whereas the experienced ones get 5. Venues: Tuesdays – Barista, Kondapur. Thursdays – Chit Chat Chai, Jubilee Hills.

A lot has been spoken about what a good comedian is like, could you give us your view on what a good audience is like?

A comedian should be ready to handle a diverse audience but having said that, an ideal Audience is the one who understands the concept of comic license and the comics desire to explore ideas and not get offended. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it isn’t funny.

What advice would you give to budding comics looking to make a career in this field?

Just be true to the art form & not worry about the rewards initially. This won’t be an overnight success rather it has a lot of rejection on the way. All of it with time will definitely make you a better artist & human being. Once you succeed, be modest about it & always help the comedy community.

Time Out

Take some time out and laugh your heart out, with the Laugh it out Club a Time out Open Mic Initiative. Time Out curates and uprates Stand Up events in Hyderabad, like the Laugh it out Club and the Hoopla Club. You want to go somewhere to sit back, relax and sip on wine? You want to forget all your work woes and how horrible your boss is? Do you want to be lost in the laughter? Then this is the place you have to be at. They will catch you in surprise and hold you in fits of giggles for minutes together. It would be quite the surprise if you aren’t rolling on the floor laughing and clutching your stomach.


Samahaara, originally a Theatre group as now began a series of Comedy nights at Lamakaan in Banjara Hills. It will tickle all the right bones in your body and will press all the right buttons, it will poke you in the side and hold you at the peak of laughter. Lamakaan echoes with loud, roaring laughter on days of the comedy Night. Follow the Samahaara page for upcoming updates.

The Comic Power of Women

Kaneez Surka

She’s making it big in the field of comedy, with the General Fun Game Show and her awkward humor she’s a comedian that will catch you in fits of laughter. Check out “The General Fun Game Show” on Youtube!

Watch Kaneez Surka, Sumukhi Suresh and Mallika Dua on AIB all together in “A Woman’s Besties,” you can follow Mallika Dua on Instagram for her funny videos.


Cute, lovable and with multiple personalities, Makeup Didi, Shagz, Monica Singh (Flirty Messaging League AIB), Priya (A Woman’s Besties) and so much more. She is cool, funky and absolutely bonkers! She will leave you rolling on the floor and clutching your stomach.

Radhika Vaz

Logical, practical and Hilarious, Radhika Vaz Is a must watch comedian! She talks about issues that concern women and the problems they face in society. Radhika Vaz speaks with sense, she uses comedy to talk about issues that concern the world as a whole.

Watch RadhikaVaz’sStand up comedy on Youtube @RadhikaVazComedy

Sumukhi Suresh

We are in love with this goofy, crazy comedian. BehtiNaak is iconic with her razor-sharp insults and downright mean roasts she is something you have to watch. She has also played the tough character in the AIB web series “Better Life Foundation.” If you want to watch something fun and well, mean then definitely opt for Sumukhi Suresh.

You can find BehtiNaak and Better Life Foundation on Youtube.

Anu Menon

After her recent show in Hyderabad at the Park Festival in which she performed “Take 35.” Anu Menon is goofily good, sarcastic and sharp-witted. She is a curious mix of wit and humor and she is definitely worth the time.

You can watch AnuMenonStand up comedy on Youtube.


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