Break free with the social clubs of HYDERABAD!

Doesn’t life get a little boring sometimes? Working every day and living a life full of routines gets pretty mundane and wearisome. The motor heads, writing aficionados, poetry lovers and adventure freaks have managed to change the rhythm of the city by coming up with clubs to release stress and gain bliss by doing what they’re most passionate about. These fanatics weren’t going to let anything stop them from doing what they loved the most! Here’s a sneak peek of these incredible groups who are ready to overcome any challenges thrown at them, to not let go of what they feel so deeply about and break free from the monotonous life.

Twin City Poetry Club

The love affair with poetry started at a very early age for Rajesh Kumar as it was easier for him to distil how he experienced his life into poetry than to talk about it. When he couldn’t find any online forums for Poetry, he created “Secunderabad Poetry Club”, on the Meetup App, which was later changed to “Twin City Poetry Club”. The co-founder, Satyavathi, made the group believe in a future and others brought in leadership, continuity, and sustainability.  This platform provides an alternate, personal identity to its members.

Did you face any challenges?

Creating and sustaining any movement has its own challenges. Every group has a distinct culture of its own and at TCPC; we promote a “cosy culture” as the poets are shy and sensitive and like any other closet artists, would not like to expose their work to a judging audience but would want to be treated with love and respect. The membership is like the flow of a river.  The group is the river, its members, the water that’s in constant flow. Amitabh Tiwari and Akila, along with others, lead the poetry group agendas currently. We needed a place to meet which was silent, easily accessible and safe for women members. Mr T. Muralidharan, the Chairman of TMI Group and Gita Madam, who heads GP Birla Centre and Mrs Nirmala Birla, have been kind enough to lend us their spaces to hold our programmes such as the Hyderabad Huddle.

How has the response been?

Incredible. Mehar Singh Chauhan’s first appearance was an exhilarating moment. When Gireesh Raju first recited his Telugu poems, we could hear hitherto unheard rhythms and beats in native poetry. We have over 750 registered members.

Best experience?

When we published the first issue of “Lakdi Ka Pul- the Poetry Bridge”, an international anthology we bring out every year.

Favourite poets?

In-house: Amitabh Tiwari, Mehar Singh Chauhan, Anirudh Eka, Javed.

Others: Kipling, Lous McNeice, Neruda, Yeats, Whitman.

Describe a typical day with the club?

A typical huddle starts with an introduction by new members amidst cheers and encouragement, followed by a round robin of recitations with feedback being provided where requested. Filtered coffee and samosas are accompanied by another round of recitations.

The best part about it?

Every time a young member walks in and speaks about being a poet, our hearts are filled with immense pride.


Rajesh Kumar: +91 9704107772

No membership fee.

Meetup is held once a month.

Motovation Track Days

Nikhil Paul along with Anoop Pamu decided to start “Motovation Track Days” when they saw a dearth of motorcycle schools. Most of them charged upwards of Rs. 20,000 to a lakh per session and most of them aimed at racing and getting faster. As over 80% of the population uses two-wheelers to commute, it makes more sense to make them safer than faster. It was aimed at being affordable and accessible, to remain not for profit and promote road safety. Their youngest and wildest teammate, Mihir Chadha, who passed away in a tragic road accident after a few months of starting “Motovation” back in 2015, made them push harder to get people safer on the roads.

Did you face any challenges?

It’s a huge hit on people’s ego and confidence when they’re told that what they’ve been doing for years is incorrect. It takes a lot of effort from our side to coax them into accepting what we teach. The police do not understand that what we do is riding in a supervised, controlled environment. We’ve been shut down several times for trivial reasons, such as racing, causing public nuisance and once because we refused to bribe them. People are still warming up to the idea of motorcycle gear and don’t own any when they come to us. We spend our money to buy gear which gets damaged, and since we want to stay affordable, we usually never recover the cost. Riding is a continuous learning process, to get better, safer and more confident; you need to practice and the safest place to do that is at a track which people fail to realize. People think that running a school like we do is extremely profitable, it isn’t.

How has the response been?

Phenomenal. It’s been over 2 years and more than 500 people have come to our sessions. We’ve had some move on to racing, while others swear that a couple of sessions changed how they ride. People come back to tell us that they haven’t had an accident since they’ve taken our sessions. A lot more schools are cropping up, taking a cue from us and making their training more affordable. Due to this, people start to take two-wheeler safety as seriously as 4-wheeler safety.

What are the various types of events organized?

We organize different events aimed to make you a better overall rider. Our regular track days are for those who want to sharpen their riding skills and become safer, more confident riders.Sessions at larger tracks such as MMRT (Chennai) & Kari Motor Speedway (Coimbatore) are for those who want to push the limits of their skill and maybe pursue a racing career. We screen races such as the MotoGP and documentaries for enthusiasts so they can meet like-minded people. We run GreaseMonkey DIY sessions for those who want to learn how to maintain and repair their motorcycles. We also organize rider safety briefings, short rides, and tours for groups on request. Most of the events we host are free of charge and open to all.

Do you have any other passions?

We’re a team of about 8 people. Most of us have regular jobs and we spend the weekends with “Motovation”. The team has varied hobbies from photography to baking and playing with micro-controllers. We also have a couple of very talented musicians.

Are girls a part of your club or is it just the guys?

We don’t really care if you’re a guy or a girl. If you want to learn, you’re welcome with open arms. A majority of the folks are men but we do have the occasional lady rider.

Tell us about your best experience?

Earning 50 rupees from an event after spending a week in the sun, constructing a dirt track from scratch, near the outskirts of the city. Jokes aside, every event has something we all take home with us. It’s always a fun experience when you’re among like-minded people who share the same passion for us.


Nikhil Paul: +91 8142215344

Events are held mostly on Sundays.

Track day fees: 1500 including training fees and refreshments.

Speedway Motor Sports

The common forms of racing are usually Track Racing and Rallying. The fact that Rallying lasts too long and the results aren’t announced immediately takes the fun out of it. On the other hand, Drag races are a lot less time-consuming, the results are out immediately and the exuberance is maintained. This gave Mr Mahesh C. Raman and Dr I. Venkat Rao the idea to come up with “Speedway Motor Sports”.

How has the response been?

The response has been phenomenal with people coming from all over the country.

What are the various types of events organized?

There are mainly two events. Events such as Auto Cross involve obstacles. The cars and bikes go by turns and whoever completes the obstacle course the fastest, wins. However, there are different categories as some bikes are 100 ccs, some 200 ccs and 1000 ccs so prizes are given out accordingly. There are also three-day events where day one is documented registration. The participants are asked to provide their registration papers, licenses and also their blood group in case of an emergency. As safety is of utmost importance, ambulances, fire trucks are also present at all times during the event. Around 300-400 participants line up the next day for trial runs. People participating for the first time get a gist of what the race is like and can watch and learn from the other experienced drivers. The final run is on the third day. It’s more like a MotorSport festival as there’s music, DJ’s, MC’s and food courts. Drinking, however, is strictly prohibited, again due to safety reasons. Prize distribution takes place in the evening.

Are you a part of any other club?

Heritage Car Club. It organizes Vintage Car Shows which are whole day events, Invites – Only, to showcase their vehicles in period costumes. Registration is done before the event begins. There are different categories such as the period of manufacture on the basis of which a competition takes place. The winners are felicitated by judges like HH Maharana Manvendra Singh of Barwani, who is also the authority in Vintage Cars. Mementos are giving to all participants who sometimes go for a small run and the event is concluded with lunch or dinner.

Where was the last event held?

The last event was held at Jakkur Aerodrome in Bengaluru.

No membership fees.


Being a mountaineer, adventure and endurance activities are in his DNA! Shravan Kumar Poshetty first started “Explorers” as a group on Facebook by the name of, “Wondrous Escapade Coterie”. The main motive is to test your physical and mental limits by taking yourself well beyond your comfort zone and to enjoy the raw danger, beauty, breathtaking sights, and to experience something only a few people ever do in their lifetime.

How has the response been?

Initially, it took a gigantic movement, later there had been a phenomenal riposte from all my peers and well-wishers. Interestingly, 80% of this group are debutants with a zeal factor which pushed them to the next level of endurance aspirers.

What are the types of activities organized?

Our activities include Hiking, Bouldering, Caving, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Australian Rappelling, Zip Line, 40 Ft jump, High altitude trekking to The Himalayas, Nature exploration, Night treks with camping and much more.

Did you face any challenges?

Endurance stream itself starts with a challenging element. Yes, we did face a lot of challenges like crossing the frozen water streams, walking against heavy snowfall, and defending the wind at 40 miles per hour. One must walk at least 20 km every day to reach the campsite.

What is the best part about it?

The best part is the contentment post reaching the final stage and the will to make it possible.

Are girls a part of your club or is it just guys?

There is no discrimination when it comes to endurance field. The stage is open for all and yes, girls take the major part of inspiration despite the low headcount when compared to boys/men. Having said that, they stood as brave as any men on the deck.

What was your best experience?

Precisely, every second that I spent is the best experience so far. I have covered Hampta Pass (15,400 ft.), Rohtang Pass (13,050 ft.), Dalhousie Trek (Minus 12 degrees), Goa Forest Expedition, Sar pass (13,800 ft.), Mount Kanamo summit (19,600 ft.). Of all these expeditions, one proud moment for me is when I scaled the summit of Mount Kanamo in the month of June 2017. I made it in one day without acclimatization session and with a dream to conquer it which came true.


Shravan Kumar: +91 9642887722

No membership fees.

Write Club Hyderabad

A member of Write Club, Bengaluru, after moving back to Hyderabad, explored and rummaged through all the meetup options and could find no group collectives for the writers of Hyderabad and the writer in her that demanded motivation and critique, pushed Sravanthi Talluri to start Write Club Hyderabad. She believes “the more you write, the better you get”.

Did you face any challenges?

I wouldn’t call them challenges but what I was concerned about was the place to meet, the crowd and the funding. As I wanted to keep the meetups open and free, finding a place for the same and somewhere to meet regularly was critical. Finally, I found Lamakaan. Now, we meet up at Phoenix Arena as the ambiance suits excellently for our creative heads. I was worried if I could reach out to the writers in Hyderabad. The first meetup was a pleasant surprise for me as 11 people showed up. The number increased to 25-30 as the meet ups got more consistent. Initially, the meetups were self-driven so we didn’t need funding. But as the prospects of book publishing and expansion came about, we had to have a base in funding. For us to continue with status quo, we came up with a subscription model, wherein each new writer can attend 3 free trial meetups and later, be a member to attend meetups further. By means of membership fees and book royalties, we survive and maintain our current status quo.

How has the response been?
It has always been beyond our expectations and great! When we started off, it was 11 focused writers penning their thoughts on a first experience, at the balcony of Lamakaan, under the bright April Sun. Now when I look back, we’ve reached out to more than 1500 writers online and offline with an average of at least 30 people coming by each Saturday. Come rain – come sun, Write Club has been maintaining itself and helping more and more writers by the week.

Describe a typical day with the club?
One of the members of Write Club hosts a session and bring with them a theme, a writing plan, and exercises. We all then write to the host’s prompts and guidelines for about an hour, read out our write-ups, based on the writer’s discretion and obtain feedback and critique on them along with excellent coffee!

Favourite writers?
Haruki Murakami, Amitav Ghosh, Ruskin Bond, Mullapudi Venkataramana, R.K.Narayan, John Grisham, Isaac Asimov (off the top of my head).

The best part about it?
When somebody first walks into Write Club, they are greeted with a warm bunch of like-minded strangers. The rules are simple. When writers have absolute freedom, they create masterpieces. The inhibition of judgement only occurs when you’re expected to conform to a certain standard. We at Write Club, offer complete freedom of thought and impose no restrictions. We also ensure the comfort and willingness of writers who join us – at each and every step. The group strongly believes in the policy of no-judgement and pure authenticity. And we, even as a critique group, maintain that Write Club Hyderabad is as non-judgmental as it can get and as welcoming as it can be. When the fear of judgement is no more and honest critique comes to play, the group empowers itself and the writer grows.

How did you find your passion?
I had the passion to write since I was a 16-year-old kid. It started off with a few poems for special occasions, birthdays of friends. Slowly writing became a way of expression for me. I studied at The Mother’s Integral School. My early inspirations for writing, the love for the language were drawn there. As I went ahead with life I became a software engineer and up until the age of 21, I hadn’t taken up writing to be any more than a hobby, a personal vent out space. In 2013, I moved to Bangalore. I met many like-minded people at Write Club Bangalore. And my simple hobby turned into an ambition. I enjoyed my time at Bangalore, at the group thoroughly. I loved the idea of a hangout group that could help me improve how I wrote. I wrote regularly, learned a whole lot and at that point, I were prepared to make writing my identity.

The books we’ve published:

Of Blood and Ink, 2016.

Encounters, 2017.


Sravanthi Talluri: +91 7032654812

Membership fees: Rs.250 per year.

Every Saturday. First 3 weeks at Lamakaan and the last week at Phoenix.


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