Why Books When you can read humans- Human Library

Human Library- Where books talk

A library where instead of books, humans are borrowed, where instead of silence there is a encouragement to talk- Human Library, which enables people to borrow books as humans. The second human library event in India has been conducted in Hyderabad after Indore.

With the basic need of understanding hardly seen, the human library provides a positive platform to the people who have been under social stigma and have come out courageously. These people become the books who openly came out to share their struggle with the random people and to be understood. The issues, which are not openly discussed such as harassment, child abuse, transgender, depression even etc, are spoken here. The readers get to choose the human books from different catalogues, lend them for a 30-minute interactive session; taking place at a personal level. There is motivation and a solution given to the readers who ask questions to their books and share their situations. They come out without any insecurity after their session.

These events take place at different locations with two events already been conducted in Hyderabad. “Apart from making HLH events a monthly affair, I would like to celebrate a Human Library Hyderabad Month once the schools and colleges in Hyderabad reopen. These young minds are the future and if they are free of attaching social stigmas, we have a beautiful unified society to look forward to” says Harshad Dinkar Fad, founder of Human Library Hyderabad.

An interactive session with a human touch thus bringing a change in the society is a very comprehensive step, providing people someone to talk to freely about any issue.

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