From sparkly metal accessories to modest ceramic utilities, either a beautiful Pashmina shawl or a vintage Mysore wooden article or even the staple at every Telugu household – an earthen pickle jar.

Shilparamam is known for its extensive range of handicrafts and handlooms from almost every corner of the country. With a traditional village ambience and rich cultural heritage, it is safe to say one cannot simply go to Shilparamam and walk back empty handed.

Glistening Metal Finery

With a wide range of metal work from various parts of the country, Shilparamam is home to some of the most beautiful pieces of metal jewellery, be it delicate earrings, intricate chains or even pure brass home accessories like hangings, bells, show pieces, the list is endless.

Ethnic Prints & Embroideries

Not only jewellery and crafts, but Shilparamam is also a treasure house for handloom fabrics, hand embroidered clothing, and accessories.

Need a beautiful mirror-work Ghagra for dandiya? Or maybe a cute ethnic embroidered bag to go with your outfit? Or even an elegant hand printed kurta for daily wear? Fret not, Shilparamam has them all.

Beautiful Bamboo Crafts

Shilparamam also has some excellent stalls with pretty bamboo products. Wall hangings, baskets and simple utensils of various shapes and sizes all made with good quality bamboo would be a great way to complement the wooden articles in your homes.

An extensive assortment

Be it items for your prayer room, or utensils for the kitchen, or pretty accessories for your wardrobe, or simple trinkets to decorate your place, the vast assortment at Shilparamam ensures there is always something that interests every person who walks in.

Wooden Allure

Our general perception of wood is heavy, boring and useful only as furniture, but here we see a whole new side to it. Beautiful light-weight hand crafted wooden products for your homes be it clocks, mirrors, flower vases and many other decorative and utility items, to give your homes a glamorous vintage look.

Right from the Craftsman’s Hands

One of the very few places in the city that is home to authentic Pashmina fabrics and many other crafts, Shilparamam has created a safe place for the artists and artisans.

A minute’s talk with any of the sellers could give you complete knowledge about their craft and the region of the country that they belong.

Address:Hi tech city Main Road, Shilparamam

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Model: Blogger Monica Tavanam

Photo: Rohan Kumar

Make up: Namrata Satwani

Outfit: Shaaya by Tripti Singh


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