Budding Photographers in Hyderabad!

Every individual has a different stance on photography. For some, it’s the frozen segments of time that evoke and convey emotions and for some, it’s just the pure joy and happiness that comes along with it. Capturing a moment from the best angle is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes an artist’s instinct to setting the lens right and moving to the right place to make a visual look far better than it actually does and the ones who have mastered this art, are the people we call photographers.

We interviewed a few of them to gage their mindset of photography and here is what some of the vibrant aspirants shared with us.

Aakanksh Piratla, 20 years old graduate tells us that he loves to be behind the lens, take a photograph, and turn it into something magical for people to love and want to have for their own.

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Vishal Anjukandi shares his passion for Photography. For him a photograph should be able to draw the viewer into a different world or into a new story or emotion.

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Pratik Sharma, 25, a personal banker conveys that when he discovered and understood the photographic visual language, he realized that it could inform, educate and move audiences worldwide without the need for a shared spoken language.

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Rohith Reddy says everyone has a story and I try my level best to convey it. I’m not good at writing and speaking so I convey my stories visually.

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Ashwin expresses his love for photography and informs us that Photographs convey a flash of memories that we’ve lived and can cherish for life.

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Riyasat Hussain loves to capture each and every emotion on the camera and has turned his passion for photography into a career. “The respect and appreciation that I get from people about my work have encouraged me to choose this as my profession. A photographer can never get enough of the latest gadgets, we need to keep upgrading our lens so that we can take better pictures and also before using it in any occasion we need to learn about how it works. Well, I hadn’t planned on taking photography seriously until I bought a camera I was aware of photography but never thought I would actually make a career out of it” says, Riyasat. Self-motivation has made him take better pictures and that’s how he educated himself. When asked him about which photographer influenced him, he says “Frankly speaking no photographers have influenced me but yeah there was a time when I used to check out Bollywood celebs upload pictures that are clicked by Daboo Ratnani gave me a feeling that I should also take such photographs the way Daboo Ratnani captures these celebs is very creative. After which I used to look at the creativity of Said Mohammed photography. At last, I would like to say that I the photographs that I click will make memories for a lifetime.”

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    Very enterprising photographers. Have bright future ahead.

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