Trendsetting and Tulle with Tarun Tahiliani

When we speak of renowned Indian designers, one name that never fails to top the list is that of Tarun Tahiliani.

With sophistication and quality oozing from his designs, every bit of his collection has given him a special recognition in the world of fashion. Uniqueness and creativity are two staples that one can surely find in Tarun Tahiliani collections.

With the first glance at Tarun Tahiliani couture, what comes to mind is an unadulterated Indian fervour. Nonetheless, his talent and love for style have lured even the international masses alike. From Bollywood to Hollywood, actors to actresses, singers to models…every known celebrity has been spotted in his iconic designs.

One of the designer’s signature styles is transforming native, regal drapes into modern, opulent attires that carry international contemporary vibes. Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Aditi Rao Hydari, Sonakshi Sinha, Kriti Sanon, Chitrangda Singh, etc. are just a few celebrity names to have walked the ramp showcasing Tarun Tahiliani Couture.

Luxe fabrics, impeccable Indian craftsmanship and elegant simplicity are the three things that one can always expect from Tarun Tahiliani Couture.


“I can ensure that a bride will stand out on her wedding day if she gets couture from Tarun Tahiliani”

What attracted you to begin your career as a designer?

I cannot say that anything really attracted me. But yes, my wife plays a major role in my decision to start designing. When we got married, we were very young and broke. She started modelling without her parent’s knowledge as she came from a conservative background.

As time passed, she encouraged herself and me to start our own clothing line. We gave things a thought and started working towards our goals with tiny steps and today you see where we have reached.

In today’s generation, when everyone is so gaudily dressed, how do you think that brides can stand out?

Well, I can ensure that only if they get couture from TT (winks). Otherwise, I cannot. If it’s from here, then we can ensure it’s an original, unique piece that will help you stand out. But if a bride is wearing a readymade outfit from any other store, then she can never know if it’s an original or a replicated one.

How do you make sure that all your collections are never similar to each other?

I design, ALOT. I work all the time on various themes, colour schemes, I sketch a lot, drape a lot. So when we choose a theme, we work on all designs in accordance with the theme. Whether it is an Egyptian theme or Bridal seasonal theme, anything. So not every piece is different, but yes, every theme is different from the other.

What is your favourite fashion destination?

I like Italy a lot. Their style reminds me of India in some way. The earthy colours, the hues, the fact that things there are Age-Old, just like India. They have connections with their past and their present. Italy is earthy, like India was earthy. I like France too but they have much more artifice and stylisation. Italy is natural and raw.

Do you have a favourite muse who looks best adorning any outfit of yours?

Every muse is beautiful to me. There is no favourite as such. Today if Huda is adorning my outfit, she is my favourite. Tomorrow if someone else is wearing my couture, she becomes my favourite muse the moment I lay my eyes on her.

What is a muse? Someone who challenges you and inspires you right? Meher is good. My friend is Minal is good. Shriya Bhupak is really good. They’re all women who love fashion and inspire me to do better. Being a muse is something intellectual. It’s not just someone with a pretty face wearing a pretty outfit.

How can Grooms-to-be pick the best wedding outfit?

They’ve to know themselves first. They should not see someone else and aspire to look like them. For example, you cannot be Ranveer Singh, so don’t bother trying to be like him. Men should start by trying to know themselves and knowing what they like best and what makes them look best.

If a man has his own style, that is it! He needs nothing else. Honestly, it’s easier for a man to choose than it is for a woman. They’re not under any pressure like women who will go crazy if they see someone wearing an outfit like theirs.

Rapid & Winged:

Three things you don’t leave home without?

My mobile, my wallet and my Integrity.

What is the last lie you told someone?

Something I just told you 20 mins back but won’t mention it.

Are you a night person or a morning person?

I’m a morning person.

What is your biggest addiction?

Food. I’m a foodie.

Your favourite fashion quote?

“Shocking pink is the baby blue of India”, Diana Vreeland.

Where will your next vacation be?

Looks like Istanbul and Lisbon.

Your most recent fashion purchase?

My shoes.

One fashion trend that you’d like to change?

People not being themselves and trying to be actresses.

Your one habit that you’d like to change?


What store do you shop at most?

My very own- Tarun Tahiliani.





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