Tabu – Elegant, Charming & Unstoppable!

This Woman’s Day we have Tabu, a very striking personality talks to Ishna Rawlani and gives us an insight into her upcoming projects, beauty and her deep connect with Hyderabad. She started off in the movies at a early age and has remained to create a mark in the industry. Read on to know more!

Since we can’t wait to know what is inside further. Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

I am working on Golmaal, for now that is the only project. I will be busy with that and we will be shooting at Ramoji Film City for a month.

You always have had a deep connection with the city; tell us one cherished moment of yours here?

I never wanted to move out of Hyderabad, it has never left me. It will always be there deep down and I am so much attached to the city, my grandparents and my family. I happened to move to Mumbai because my sister got into the movies. It was always my dream to build a house in the city, that’s my love for Hyderabad. I feel I am really lucky to have had done that.

Since this is a beauty special issue, tell us about your skin care regime?

I moisturise my skin on a regular basis, cleansing it well and not leaving any residue of makeup really works for me. Getting enough sleep also makes a lot of difference.

One home remedy you swear by since ages?

Water! It does wonders for your skin. Drinking and even splashing it on  the face makes me feel extremely fresh!

Who do you look up to as a beauty icon?

I think Madhubala and Hema Malini are really beautiful and have such striking personality. Everyone has their own characteristic and personality that makes one beautiful.

Enlighten us with one trick or make-up hack that every girl should know?            

I think your eyes do a lot of speaking, the one thing I feel changes your face is the eye makeup, defining your eyes is one beauty trick that every girl should know!

Do you follow a certain hair care regime for your lustrous locks?

Oiling the hair regularly and eating the right super foods for maintaining the sheen of your hair is something I follow for my hair care regimen. 

What does beauty mean to you?

As we grow, our definition of beauty keeps adding on and the understanding increases. Something about a person that really catches your eye, which is really distinct and attracts you. Not only the physical beauty but inner too, that reflects from your persona. That is beauty to me.

Share your first ever experience with makeup?

I was 14 years old and my first ever experience was when I did a photoshoot and Bharat Godambe had done my makeup, I could not recognize myself because I had no clue so many products go into applying makeup. I felt I have become a different person all together. The second shoot was with Mickey Contractor, these two were the first people I ever worked with.

What do you do in your leisure time to unwind?

Music is something that really helps me to unwind. There is nothing like playing with my pet Chihuahua and if given a chance I can do it all day! I love writing and talking to my Mother, it really helps me unwind. Most importantly, there is nothing like taking a walk in the nature, it is very relaxing and soothing.

How has the entertainment industry evolved from the time you started in the movies until now in terms of Fashion and beauty?

The industry has really spread out and we need those many people to fulfill the requirements. Everybody is adding on and contributing to the industry, it has become so vast and that’s the nature of films being made now.

One message you would love to give our readers in the city?

I really love them! Hyderabad is a huge part of my life, wherever I am and go it will always be the fundamental stone of my life! I would love to see the culture restored. One of my most amazing experiences was staying at Falaknuma, while we were growing up it was always closed. I am glad that I could enjoy its essence! I love shopping at Charminar and Numaaish, it is my favourite thing to do while I shoot here.




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