In Conversation With Fashion Designer- Anushree Reddy

Anushree Reddy is a renowned name in the mainstream Fashion circles of India. With her golden embellishments and specific highlights on subdued and under toned dresses, the talented designer from Hyderabad has stolen many hearts in the fashion circuits and is also growing a very wide fan base in India.

Having made her debut at the Lakme Fashion Week, 2013, Anushree Reddy is now the favorite of the brides from the most affluent families of India who opt specifically for her dresses at various multi-designer fashion stores. Subtle shades, vintage floral prints, and soft fabrics are the components of Anushree Reddy collections that make girls go gaga over it. Her line of eponymous clothing is all about elegance and romance in traditional Indian wear. It is fresh, young and wearable  right from the selection of elegant prints to feminine cuts and elaborate embroideries, each silhouette is a delightful visual treat.

“My turning point was being accepted by the Fashion Week. Even there, I made few mistakes initially. I learnt the ropes and got it right soon”, says the 31 year old who paved the way by being one of the first few to venture out of the city and carve a niche on the national ramp.


Tell us your story related to your career. How did Label by Anushree Reddy happen?

Right after I got married, I wanted to do something productive as I had a lot of time on hand and that is how my label took baby steps towards becoming what it is. Everyone pursues a career in fashion out of a burning desire but honestly I just took one step at a time and never thought about where I’d go if I pursued this. With no formal training in fashion designing, I started with one local tailor who was very instrumental in motivating me to continue this and make it something big. My first batch of clothes were terrible to be honest. I sold them at an exhibition and most of them were bought by my own family members, just out of politeness, but I grew from my mistakes and improved my lack of imagination and finesse. It is what honed my skills and made me what I am today.

What is the proudest moment in your career so far?

The proudest moment of my career which I also think is the turning point of my career was when I finally got accepted into Fashion week!! I found my niche in wedding wear right after the success of my second collection. I put myself in the brides shoes and imagine what I would want if this were my wedding and that’s what always helps me get it right. The lack of professional training also helped me emerge as an original designer. I don’t follow rules, I just put things together, colours and fabrics that appeal to me and go from there. Even at the Fashion week I had made some mistakes but that’s my forte is guess; I always learn from them.

What does it take to be successful in the field you excel? A few tips to upcoming stylists.

It takes a lot of hard work and patience. Patience is the key to success and this is proven in my case. Also, don’t ever give up if you fail in your first few attempts.  Today, the first step for any upcoming designer is participating in the fashion week.

What is your personal style like?

My personal favourites are hues of pastels. Chic, comfortable silhouettes.

Tell us something about your family?

I’m married into a prominent political family. My husband Jaiveer and I have 2 boys. When I was younger my parents were always chilled out and gave me all the permission to do whatever I wanted. I went to UK to complete my MBA and then got married with their blessings. My parents are my source of strength. Everyone has always been very supportive of my ‘tailoring endeavour’ since the beginning, including my in laws (as I live in a joint family) who are a true blessing to me and my work. I’m able to work in peace, knowing that my kids are well looked after.

Rapid Fire

Three things you don’t leave home without?

My bag and Phone. The third thing will be present in my bag anyways 😉

What is the last lie you told someone?

“There is no chocolate left at home” to my kids.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

A Morning person.

What is your biggest addiction?

Coffee. Cannot function without it.

What store do you shop at most?

Good Earth.

Where would your next vacation be?


Your one habit that you would like to change?

I want to start eating healthier.

Your most recent fashion purchase?

A fine chikankari dupatta

What is the one fashion trend you’d like to change?

I dislike anything to do with velvet. So velvet it has to be.


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