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Karan Bangera quit his day job working for a men’s luxury grooming brand. He was looking to explore the men’s fashion space. “I wanted to bring something unique to the table for men’s accessories. I felt that there was a culture shift and men were being more experimental and open about their ways of dressing. The popup/flea market space in 2014 was dominated with brands catering to women only. The men were neglected. I thought of jumping in to fill the gap. I wanted to bring back the classic elegant men’s style with a twist. I started off with vintage timepieces, cufflinks, lapel pins, brooches and lot of vintage  eyewear; sourcing products mainly from Europe and the United States through online listings and my personal travels. The main purpose is to satisfy the urban gent with vintage accessories that were superiorly hand crafted back in the day, products that had a story to it, items that had lovely patina and aging to it and certainly a collection that they wouldn’t find in a mall. I started the brand just for the kick, because I wanted to do something fun and different. But, it’s gone to a lot more than that. People are hooked on to the Vintage Sunglasses I curate. I have had 2 international collaborations with grooming brands like Sauvecito and JS Sloane. I have also collaborated with local fashion designers and sourced vintage accessories for couple of Bollywood films like Raaes and Rangoon and also loads of personal sourcing for celebrities and fashion forward people. Looking forward this year, I plan to extend my collection and collaborations with Dubai. I have moved and now live here full time. I also plan to design and produce my own line of eyewear later this year; classic designs inspired by frames from the 40’s to 60’s era. A Full fledge website is in the pipeline as well. I will be traveling to India back and forth for pop up events because I love the personal interactions and telling the story”, he explains.


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