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Blogging these days has become very powerful and very influencing. You can just write out your opinions and let the world know which can also be helpful for them like a piece of advice you can say. These days fashion blogging has reached the top list of blogging and there are professional bloggers as well who get paid like crazy. So, here is the story of one of the budding fashion blogger.

Shravya Reddy

Instagram handle: @__shravi____

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I believe that there is no specific destination for a stylish life. We celebrate style from fashion to travel and all of its forms.

I am that type of girl where I love to see myself in different outfits. I realised this when I was a little girl and dreamed to be a blogger. But this wasn’t happening for many years as I could not give it enough time particularly, I simply didn’t have the time to support my passion. And then closely I got myself into the position where I could spend more time working on my wardrobe.

It started off at my creative outlet where I started sharing my outfits. I did not tell about this to anyone for a period of time. It was getting to hard to keep the secret because I started popping up on their discovery feed and by then everyone knew what I was up to. I was scared to tell people because I was worried about their opinions regarding me taking photos of myself and posting on social media, but I was surprised with everyone’s positive response to it which encouraged me more! And I feel your family and friends will always love and support you, especially when you are doing what you absolutely love.

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In this growing world, online bloggers are able to tell a different story. I’m a normal girl, with a normal size body and I wear clothes that suit my body shape and perhaps people are able to relate to that better than a model wearing an outfit. Bloggers grow individuality and by being authentic, I have never felt the force of commercial pressure to do anything or wear anything different from what comes naturally. People responded to that honesty, and I had put in the time to form genuine connections and interact with my followers. I could never be introduced to and become friends with my fashion buddies around the world without the blog– it’s very powerful. So probably 80% of my work is purely driven by my decisions to buy something, wear it and shoot it; and 20% of my work is where I work with a brand I love and get paid to wear and shoot their items.

With the Instagram world being so competitive now, the only thing that will distinguish you from others is the unique combination of your personality and style. There’s just one of you in the world so JUST DO YOU. You don’t have to compare yourself to others; we are all different and unique in our own ways.

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My blog is my way of giving and connecting and if that is bringing some happiness to a handful of people around the world, then I’m happy.

TIP: – I’m a big believer in creating my dream life in detail, and that can mean many things to many people. Our mind is an amazing thing and it will work day and night to create something rewarding if you spell out exactly what it is that you want your life to look like in the future.




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