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Deciding what to wear every day is a challenge in itself but it’s a daunting task when it’s time to plan your outfit for a date. Underneath all the excitement, there is one anxiety-inducing conundrum: What am I going to wear?! While some people love to get ready for dates it’s not so for the rest of us. When you’re out with your special someone, the last thing you want is to be fussing with your outfit the whole time! A great date calls for an equally great outfit and being dishevelled and stressed out about it is no way to start out! Whether you’re going on a lunch date or a dinner date, you might want to check these out!

Sanjana Reddy Nimma, Fashion and Celebrity Stylist

When it comes to going out on a date the first question we get on our minds is what do we wear? So here’s a solution

Lunch dates can be kept casual

Men can try the denim on denim look with some nice loafers

Women – why not a pair of ripped jeans with a simple embroidered White top and pair them up with white sneakers?

Dinner dates now everything gets classy.

Men, here again, you can pair your loafers and jeans with a formal shirt. Maroon maybe?

Women the first thing we get on our minds when it’s a dinner date is a dress. Let’s take advantage of all the options we have why not a jumpsuit or a romper in classy colours such as navy blue, beige, red, black etc. Pair them up with great accessories, a watch or a tennis bracelet with beautiful high heels.


Where to get this look:

Her: Top and Ripped Jeans from

Shoes from

Him: Jeans from Calvin Klein, Denim Shirt from Sisley & Shoes from Gucci


Where to get this look:

Her: Jumpsuit from Forever 21

Him: Jeans & Shirt from Calvin Klein

Shoes from Gucci

Models: Aamir Fazal & Greeshma Turakhia

Photography: Zoya Mirza

Location: Olive Bistro

By Rabica Zulfiqar


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