Summer Starts Here

Manasa and Reva Thakur, the sister duo have such a remarkable bond together. They are fun spirited and love exploring new places. We catch up with them to know what their summer plans are and where they like to flee to during the hot season.

 Tell us something about yourselves.

Manasa: I’m doing my foundation in fashion design in London. Fashion is been my thing since Childhood, apart from that I love dancing, shopping and I also practise Marshall arts (Taekwondo) and also hold a Guinness world record In it.

Reva:  I’m studying in Oakridge international school, I love to dance and sing. I am also passionate about baking. I want to learn cinematography in New York film academy and become a cinematographer.

How do you usually beat the heat?

Manasa:  I usually prefer going abroad to cooler places such as London and Swiss. But if I’m here in Hyderabad. I make sure I drink a lot of juices and water to keep myself hydrated enough.

Reva: I make sure I’m at home and I use a lot of sunscreen to protect myself. I drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated I make sure I have my essential kit which has my umbrella, cap etc. I eat a lot of fruits too.

Your go to summer style?

Manasa: Jumpsuits, off shoulder dress or even just shorts and a tee are the most comfortable outfits.

Reva: I wear light clothes and shorts in summer because it’s very hot especially in Hyderabad and I make sure I don’t wear dark clothes.

Share a fond memory of your summer vacations.

Manasa: I think my best summer vacation has been the trip to Swiss and Paris with my family, we have been there for a month and shopped

for the entire year.

Reva: For the first time I went to USA without my mom and dad. I went with my sister and brother and one of our family friends.  We had a lot fun in Orlando and Florida; we went to Disney for some magical time with the beautiful fireworks.

What are your summer go-to treats?

Manasa: All the ice cream parlours in Hyderabad. Ice cream is something I love the most. It’s my Medicine.

Reva: For the summer treats I love to go to Menchies, Creamstone and Guilt Trip.

What do you love the most about summers?

Manasa:  There is nothing I love or hate about summers. I think the only reason I loved summer was because we had half day school and of-course ice creams.

Reva: I get to eat a lot of ice creams!

Your favourite places to head to for a summer vacation?

Manasa: My favourite summer destination is Paris.

Reva: I love to go to Switzerland, Paris and Florida also because my grandparents live there so I love to visit them!



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