On Love, Laughter & Living the dream – Nidhhi Agerwal

How has your foray into the Telugu Industry been? Are you comfortable speaking the language?

I’m not from a Telugu background but I was born in Hyderabad. So I feel maybe somewhere I’ve always had that connection with the language. When I first joined the industry, I didn’t know a word of Telugu. But now, I understand it pretty well so dialogues are not a problem at all. I still cannot speak Telugu fluently but I’m sure with time I will learn to.

If you had to choose one film industry, would you choose Bollywood or Tollywood?

It really is not about the industry for me. The film making process everywhere is pretty much the same- you shoot, you promote, the film comes out.  But yes the vibe from each set, the outcome of the movie etc are very different. As I said, it is not the industry but the script that matters more, to me. So, I can’t really choose between Bollywood and Tollywood. They are both really close to my heart.

How was working with Tiger Shroff different from working with AkhilAkkineni?

With Tiger, I shot a dance-based film so there was a lot of dancing that we needed to do together. That was very difficult for me because you know Tiger is always in the air, he’s not ever walking (laughs). Because it was my first film and I knew absolutely nothing, Tiger has been really helpful and supportive by answering all my questions. With Akhil, it’s been great. I haven’t done a love story before Mr.Majnu and wasn’t sure how it was going to be. But I actually was very comfortable. So yeah, I can say that I’m very lucky to have worked with these two actors who have been so helpful and supportive throughout.

This is your second Telugu film, have you signed on any more movies in the upcoming future?

I’ve started shooting for one more movie with Puri sir.  It is going to be out this month. There are a couple of others as well. I don’t know what I’m even doing because right now I’m very much in Mr.Majnu mode. It’s going to take me 4-5 days to get out of it. So maybe once I’m out of that mode, I can decide. Right now I’m not able to and don’t want to think of anything else.

How do you manage to stay fit? Is there anything you swear by?

I go to the gym, that’s the only thing I swear by. I feel very lazy about going to the gym but once I reach, I love being in the gym. It is a very important part of my day and I try not to miss my workouts for anything in the world. Once I’m done, I feel so much better. Not just my body but also my mind feels less stressed and relaxed. I have a gr4eat trained and we do a lot of exercises together. I also like eating healthy and I have just one junk item every week. I just had biryani last night and believe that I can eat anything as long as I’m working out the next day.

How is a typical day like in NidhhiAgerwal’s life?

Ohhhaha. So when I’m shooting, my day is all about the shoot. I don’t think of anything else. When I’m not shooting, I work out at the gym a lot for say 2 hours as gym is an important part of my routine. Then I have my dance class which takes away another hour and a half. Other than this, I have a lot of meetings to catch up on work. I also make sure to stay busy by either learning a skill or doing an acting workshop. At least 1/3rd of my day needs to be productive. I’m very particular about my routine.

What is your motto in life?

I am a very ambitious person. I have a lot of aims and goals that I want to achieve. From the time I was a kid, say 3-4 years old, I’ve always known that I want to be an actor. Its crazy that it’s actually happened, which is why I make sure I work to my full capacity. I want to keep working and keep doing better. You cannot control what happens to you but there is one thing I aim at and that is to work better every day and to get better with every film. I am the happiest person if someone tells me my acting was better than my last film. That is my way of comparing, analysing and reviewing myself.

Having achieved so much at a young age, are there any tips you’d like to give upcoming actors?

Oh God, upcoming actors- it’s a tough phase and tough place to be in. I would say just keep working on yourself; don’t wait for things to happen. Just keep working and giving your best and things will automatically come to you. But if you don’t and are just sitting and waiting for things to happen, nothing is really going to happen at all. So, work and keep working.

Are you happy about not winning the Miss India pageant since it leads you to becoming an actress?

This is a controversial one (laughs). I think in your life things happen for a reason and get you to where you are. At that point in time maybe I wanted to win the pageant but honestly, I’ve always wanted to be an actor. It made me realise that winning the pageant did not work out in my favour because that is not who I am or aim to be. Being the pageant girl was never my aim because I am not comfortable walking a certain way, laughing a certain way and sitting a certain way. In fact, if you want to become an actor, those are the things that hold you back. To become an actor, you have to be versatile and need to let go of certain habits. So, yes, whatever happens is for the best and I’m glad it worked out this way for me.



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