Chitter Chatter Blether with Raashi Khanna

Raashi Khanna- An actor and model, she has made her mark in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. She debuted as an actress with the Hindi film Madras Cafe and made her debut in Telugu with the film Oohalu Gusagusalade. Read through to know more about her best friends, personal life, romantic interests, upcoming movies etc…

Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows.

I’m an early morning person and not a night owl!

How is a typical day like in Raashi Khanna’s life?

I mostly work all day. I wake up at around 6:00 am, workout and have my breakfast. I dress up and reach the set by 8.30-9.00 am. We shoot almost all day. Sometimes it winds up at 6.00 pm, most days it extends for longer periods. Post my shoot, I always make it a point to hit the gym until around 8.30 pm. I head home, have my dinner and crash. It’s quite a regular lifestyle but that’s how it is. I don’t usually have time for anything else.

What’s next in terms of work?

I have three releases coming up, and that’s about it for now. I’ve also been looking at certain projects, that will take some time. I will let you know about them as soon as there are confirmations.

What would you like to tell people romantically interested in you?

I would want them to TELL me that they are interested in me, because I don’t know if anybody is romantically interested in me! Nobody says anything, so I think I would love for someone to just come and convey this! My reaction to that would depend on who the person is. If I like them then obviously, I would be interested.

We have heard that you and Vani shared a room before making your debuts into movies. Do you both still share the same bond?

Although we’ve shifted , our bond has strengthened even more. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say. It’s true. We always find time for each other. When I’m not busy shooting and Vani has a break from work, we make sure we catch up. So yes, the bond has strengthened. She was a friend before but now she’s family.

Coming from a non-filmy background, how did you decide to become an actress? What was your motivational force?

I’ve said this a lot before, but I wanted to be an IAS officer, I  was also studying to be one. I had no plans whatsoever to be an actor, and so I think I was just destined to be one. Once I started working, it truly became my passion. I think it was always meant to happen. It was a revelation for me too. But now that I’m an actor, I’m really happy and there’s no place I’d rather be!

What kind of roles would you like to pick in your upcoming movies? Is there any actor that you look forward to working with?

 There are just so many roles I have not done and so many actors I have not worked with, the list is very long. In terms of work, you can’t pick what you want to do but I just hope that whatever I do next is different from what I have done before.

Tell us about a rumor you heard about yourself and were surprised.

I think rumors are going around all the time. So I don’t think I can pick one and be surprised. I think I’ve stopped giving attention to rumors.

Rapid Fire

3 things you don’t leave home without?

My credit card, my lip balm and my phone.

Favorite actor?

Meryl Streep!

Man-crush Monday?

Bradley Cooper

Recent fashion purchase?

It’s very long since I’ve shopped for myself. I’ve constantly been shooting. The last time I bought something was Indian wear for my birthday.

1 habit about yourself that you would like to change?

I think sometimes I am very impulsive so that is something I would like to change.

Fitness secret?

There are no secrets to fitness. You have to work very hard in the gym and eat right.

Beauty hack you swear by.

I usually don’t visit parlors. I stick to home remedies like applying Multani mitti on the face or sometimes it’s besan with curd and a tinge of lemon in it and I think it does wonders for your skin.


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