Over a Cappuccino with Raai Laxmi

A foodie, a travel-buff, and an unexpectedly spiritual person, the super genuine and super talented Raai Laxmi talks about her start in the industry, her childhood, and how her upbringing helped her tackle some major things in life.

Tell us something about yourself

I am quite a transparent person, so whatever I do is out there. There is no second side to me just because I am an actor. Whatever I do, whatever I take a call on, everything is out there and that’s what people like about me; that I don’t put up a act. Apart from that, what people don’t know about me is that I am a spiritual person, although I don’t come across as one.

You have been in the modelling and advertising industry from a very young age. When and how did you decide to enter the film industry?

Advertising and movies happened at the same time for me. Modelling was just like a warm-up for me. I modelled for a mere period of 4 months, but I was always driven by  the  idea of glamour and used to take part in a lot of contests or anything related to the world of glamour. During my schooling and college I would indulge in a lot of activities and it was around that time that I landed an opportunity to join an acting course of Padmini Kohlapure’s school of  acting. I believe it was this opportunity that fueled my modelling career and won me the Miss Karnataka crown, which is how it all began for me. Coming from a non filmy background it was obviously a struggle for me but it gets better with time.

What is a typical day in Raai Laxmi’s Life?

On a typical day you’d find me hopping 4-5 flights to different destinations because that’s how my life is, but if I’m home, you’d find me lazing around, playing and spending time with my pets and friends. There are 2 extremes to me; when I’m working, I’m barely at home, but when I’m home I don’t see the light of the day, not even to gym.

Your Instagram inspired many fans to work towards a body like yours, can you tell us how you maintain your fitness?

I’m a broadly built person, so maintaining a body like this is a constant struggle for me and I work really hard towards it. so  it has  always  been a  constant struggle  for me. If I ever had a competition in life, it would be between me and my weight. Initially I used to work out because I wanted to lose weight, now as I’ve kind of tuned my mind, I’ve started to enjoy my workouts because I do a variety of them. My workout isn’t the regular cardio and running on the treadmill. My workout now involves a lot of things that make me feel good, in the form of sports, games or swimming. I love trekking as well!

You admitted to being a tomboy in your childhood. Could you tell us a little bit about that?

For the first half of my childhood, I looked like a boy because my dad kept me like a boy. Among my two older  sisters, my parents always treated me like the boy child. Because of this, I had a behavioural pattern as a kid wherein I accepted myself as a boy. As I grew up, I started feeling out of place among my friends and felt like the odd one out because of my boyish traits. I remember crying to be what I was- a girl and wanting to grow my hair out when I was 9. But all said and done, there will always be a tomboyish spark within me.

You are known for your bold choice of roles and dance numbers in Tollywood, while you have also worked in, say, the Malayalam industry with only superstars, would you have preferred a similar image in Tollywood as well?

In industries  like  the  Malayalam  industry, I have worked only with superstars. But in Tollywood and a few other industries, I have actually been privileged to work with new-comers, mid-range actors and of course superstars. I’ve been there for so long, that I actually got to act with most of  them. So for me Malayalam has been the luckiest industry in terms of the ratio of successful films. It’s unreal and I’m thankful for the love I’ve received from the industry. Tollywood has obviously been the place where I got my kickstart and I’ve done so many different types of films; lots of hits and misses as part of my career. Collectively I’ve done more than 50 films and now I’ve made a move into Bollywood.

You have been subject to a lot of controversies in the past. How have you come to deal with that?

Yeah, controversies have made me their favourite child, that’s why I had no other go but to be strong and face it. A lot of things kept coming back to trouble me for a very long time. People would bring up stuff from the past and twerk it to make stuff up. I’m used to it now and I don’t take it as a damage because people now know who I am and what to believe.

Tell us about a few of your upcoming projects.

Right now I’m doing 6 films down south. One in Kannada, two Telugu films, two Tamil ones and also one Malayalam. So, I already have three projects on the floor, and I’m yet to start three. And since South keeps me so busy, only if something really interesting and promising comes from Bollywood I can make time for it. South is where I come from so I don’t like to stop working here and do something else just for the sake of doing it. I would rather wait for something interesting to come up so I can carve a niche for myself in Bollywood.

Rapid fire

3 things u dont leave home without

My house keys, my phone and my bag.




Selfies. It’s so much easier.

Favourite accessories

I’m very fond of my Bags.

Favourite Pastime

Chilling with my babies (my pets) at home and my friends.

A habit you would like to change

Binge watching and eating junk.

Favourite Vacation Spot




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