Mickey Contractor-Bollywood’s Makeup Magician

Creating Art on Faces

From having muses among the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone, to working on the most glam fashion shoots, Mickey Contractor really has done it all. He’s carved a niche for himself in the makeup industry and has put India on the global makeup map. Read on to discover Mickey’s tips and tricks.

Congratulations on your collaboration with Mac. Tell me something about the line.

These are my new favourites from Mac. There are some classics like Mehr and Yash from my old collection but it’s basically my new favourites because over a period of time your favourites change, right? You can’t keep using the same products again and again. You know people go to a MAC store and they get so confused after seeing so many things, so this could help them to sort of narrow down to what could work for them.

When was the first time you ever experimented with makeup?

I think it was in ’79. I actually wanted to be a hairstylist but they weren’t allowing me to do hair so I got into makeup because that was allowed. The industry was accepting so I started my journey in makeup.

You do makeup for so many events – movies, fashion shows, and weddings. Which one do you enjoy most?

Of course movies! There’s no doubt about that. I became a makeup artist only because I wanted to do that.

What are the challenges you face? Especially in India where people always want fair skin and there are so many controversies centred around the same.

This used to happen a lot earlier but now I think it’s come down. People today are more comfortable in their skin and are celebrating their complexions. Of course there are some people who are still obsessed with being fair. When people come to me asking me to make them look fairer, I explain my point to them. With my seniority and experience, usually they let me go ahead with my thing. But there are still people who will say, “Nahi please, my husband likes it when I look fair,” then in that case, I give in and instead of doing one shade lighter, I’ll do maybe half a shade. So everybody’s happy in the end.

What makeup trend you think will take 2017 by storm?

I think glossy lips will be it. Matte is here to stay because it’s more convenient and it doesn’t go away easily, but I think gloss will be back and eventually it’ll gave way to semi-matte because overt shininess will go out. There’s too much shine right now, so people will eventually realize the value of keeping it semi-matte. It might even start by the end of the year, but it definitely will happen.

People today are following so many skin regimes across ages. Do you think there is a fixed age where people should start following a skin routine?

I think moisturizing should start pretty early in life. Men and women both should start moisturizing regularly by the time they are 24-25. It’s the one thing I’d strongly advise. If your skin is well moisturized, everything is good. That way even the white flakiness and dryness that happens can be avoided and consequently, makeup doesn’t look flaky. Moisturizing is what makes your skin look healthy.

Any skincare advice for girls who are in the early twenties?

Avoid using oil-based moisturizers because sometimes the skin may react to them. Use water-based moisturizers, they do a good job of keeping skin healthy.

A few products that you swear by? Maybe drugstore products because they’re more accessible?

No, frankly I don’t use any drugstore products because my clientele is not that kind. I only use MAC. I think the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is a great product. I swear by the Fluid Line – it’s basically a gel eyeliner. I also work with the Conceal and Correct Palette a lot.

Tell me about two trends that you’ve never liked?

I don’t like the excessively overt shine. All this nonsense that’s been all over Instagram these days – I don’t like that at all. I believe in doing makeup that is wearable for everybody and trends that are wearable for most people because who even does that kind of makeup with all the excessive shading and highlighting! And to top it off, there’s glitter on the eyes and the mouth and nose, it all becomes too much. I like something that it wearable and flattering instead of something that makes people look like ghosts.

Your favourite muse in Bollywood?

I have many people I like working with, but my all-time favourite is definitely Aishwarya Rai.

Can you give us some makeup tips to tackle the sultry summer?When it’s excessively hot, using foundation is important because it ensures that the makeup doesn’t become patchy or blotchy. Try to stay away from cream products, especially in the daytime because they start to bleed all over your face. Use powders instead, like a powder blush instead of a cream blush because it looks too oily and shiny.

What is your take on these male YouTube stars who make makeup videos and are hugely popular?

To each their own and good luck!

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